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TRUTH NEWS "URGENT Rumblings, Shakings & More" Episode 5

7 months ago

Watch the latest TRUTH NEWS quarterly episode with founder and host Christi Given. The show is available to watch on Rumble and Frank Speech. Go to Rumble and Find @ChristiGiven  WATCH THE LATEST SHOW ON RUMBLE EPISODE 6 called, “"Rumblings, Shakings & More" This show is the world news from a Judeo Christian perspective with a prophetic insight and observation.  Socials: Frank Speech: @HolywoodNetork TRUTH NEWS @ChristiGiven Instagram: @HolywoodNetwork Twitter: @CHRISTIGIVEN

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Christi Given former Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and JUCE TV Network host of 7 years, reports on TRUTH NEWS her new TV Show segment produced by her blog and platform the  HOLYWOOD NETWORK. Watch inspiring interviews, get news coverage on the good news and the truth from a Judeo-Christian, Biblical perspective. Go to for more! Subscribe, like, and share this channel with friends and family! All rights reserved. TM (C) 

Find Christi on Social Media: @HolywoodNetwork @ChristiGiven

Given also hosts her radio show/podcast, "BUILDING HOLYWOOD." Listen to her Spotify or right here on FRANK SPEECH! 


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