Cause of America - Utah

We are dedicated to election accuracy, security, and transparency in Utah.  WATCH, LISTEN, and READ to discover more about these efforts!

Get Involved Utah - Get Involved Utah's focus is to ensure accurate, secure, and transparent elections.  Find GRAMA records, documents, articles, videos and information to learn about Utah elections.  Sign up for a FREE account at

Utah Freedom Coalition - Working with the public and elected leaders to promote transparent election process, to remove universal by mail voting, and to support laws that will restore our trust in elections.  This grassroots groups is organized in counties throughout Utah.   Look for a meeting near you to get involved.  Go to their website at

Utah Election Integrity - Working to end all Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and other Alternate Voting Methods in Utah.  An AMAZING job has been done by this group to stop the spread of Ranked Choice Voting in Utah by holding community education about RCV and educating our elected leaders municipality by municipality, county by county.  Go to their website to learn how to help them stop and repeal RCV at

By Cause of America - Utah