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Very powerful prophetic words Kim Clement - May 17th, 2014 “I've been taken into the fall…leaves falling; the winds of change have come. Changing of the guard is apparent. Economic makeover and hands who have dug into the coffers and into the treasure chests of deception, their hands taken out so that My people who conduct their affairs with justice will be blessed. I have not looked away from those who have given and sown, but look to the fall. Look to the fall because the earth will be parched in some areas and rain will come, signifying an opening of a door that has not yet been opened, signifying the opening of a door that has been locked for such a time as this. Pandemonium, pandemonium in the White House, in the higher regions, and below the earth, in Italy and in Rome. All of this uncovered, but unspoken of. Do you realize that things are happening that you know not of because they are hidden from you, says the Lord. But look to the fall.” Lance asks: What does this Hebrew new year 5783 mean and how did Kim know ITALY would be in the news? The answer was all in the news last night! WATCH This! And join Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau in Naples Florida, October 24-25, ? www.fireaandglorytour.com

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