Steak For Breakfast Podcast #146


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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast ending the week on a monumental note - HUGE Supreme Court Rulings and even BIGGER Guests on the show today.


We kickoff the show with a groundbreaking ruling from the Supreme Court that killed Roe v. Wade and essentially ends federal protections for abortions.


The CEO of TMGT, Congressman Devin Nunes joins us on the show for the first time today. We discuss everything that’s news with Truth Social, the current state of the nation and the rocky political landscape. It was great sitting down with the Congressman and we look forward to having him back again soon.


We go through a News Mash segment for News Block 2 which covers the now passed Congressional Gun Bill, Jerome Powell’s grilling up on Capitol Hill and we discuss the J6 Committee’s crumbling narrative.


America First, Trump Endorsed Senatorial Candidate Blake Masters is back on show today to discuss his campaign. Fresh off of a Town Hall Forum and rising in the polls, Blake talks about his success against his primary challengers, the importance of his ground game and sometimes taxing nature of the campaign on the family.


Journalist and Director of Digital Content at the National File, Kim Coulter joins us on the show today for the first time as well. Kim tells us all about her role at news agency and all of then hard-hitting and impactful work that the National File is known for. We discuss Roe v. Wade and touch on the political pulse of the nation - we look forward to having Kim come back and guest host soon.


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