Steak For Breakfast Podcast #145


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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is kicking off the week with a MAGA sized edition of the show!

We begin the show with a montage of news from over the weekend of some former Trump officials and news grabs which reflect the need to stay focused because no one is coming to save us.

Former Chief of Staff to the DOD and the Ohio-7 Republican nominee Kash Patel and Max Miller join us today for an America First Roundtable. We touch on everything from Truth Social and John Durham to the Chinese snub of the Biden Administration and Watermelon Head Adam Schiff in this absolute fire segment.

America First TN-5 House candidate, Robby Starbuck is back on the show today. Since the TN GOP has forced Robby to run as a write-in candidate he has had to rebrand his whole campaign, however, Robby is still polling in the lead and tells our listenership all about his relaunch as he updates us from the campaign trail.

News Block two is dedicated to the weekend’s travels for the 45th and 46th President’s. As Joe Biden spent yet another week up in Delaware, this time falling off of his bike, Donald Trump was stumping in Tennessee at the Freedom Tour, laying out his potential path back to the White House.

The campaign manager for the Adam Laxalt (R-NV) Senate campaign, Ryan Hamilton joins us on the show today for the first time. We discuss the recent big primary win for Adam and get a full update what’s next for the America First, Trump endorsed senatorial candidate.

U.S. House candidate (IL-6) Keith Pekau is back on the show today. Keith gives us a full update from the trail before discussing the upcoming Republican primary in Illinois.

Pastor Michael Petro jumps on the show today for the first time and we discuss some spiritual warfare. As the nation looks for church leadership and for healing coming out of the pandemic, Pastor Petro gives us his perspective on just how he think we as a nation will bounce back.

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