Richard Cason Radio Network September 4, 2022


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9/6/2022 at 9:30amE/8:30am...RICHARD CASON WILL APPEAR ON REAL AMERICA'S VOICE- "AMERICAN SUNRISE" (Check Your Local Listings)

Well, what do you know:  Liberals think conservatives are racists and fascists- typical liberal deflection.  Plus, one high-ranking FBI official who has put the kibosh on any further investigation in Hunter Biden's Laptop from Hell is fired and escorted from the building...and slowly, Bill Maher is slowly starting to "see the light" but all that's in the second hour.  In the first hour, the World's Greatest Radio Personality discusses something so thorny and divisive that Rick literally puts it all on the line- that he can "illuminate" you on the absolute one subject that Rick has been avoiding since he started doing the show...the subject that not one time in 26 years of broadcasting has been discussed by him...and it's the most important subject that any Christian will have to face.

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