Ep 99 - The Presidio | San Francisco, CA - "Mrs. Doubtfire" - Biden Lies Again, Pfizer, Slavery


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BCP, Ep 99 - The Presidio | San Francisco, CA - "Mrs. Doubtfire"

Traveling to San Francisco, dodging the Vax-carders, Krazy Kay helps the boys secure a tent at Crissy Field on the Presidio of San Francisco Bay with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a popular setting for the park scenes in the movie, 'Mrs. Doubtfire'. It is bittersweet for Cutter, to see what his old digs have turned into. Jake and Cutter discuss Biden's Fantasyland of Delaware, in reality the home of the Biden Graft Enterprise for the last 50 years. Other topics include Pfizer's sponsorship of the COVID scam, and the true origins and meaning of slavery.

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