Ep 75 - Ray's Place | Kent, OH - "Ohio by CSNY" - Kent State, Civil Disobedience, Death By Protest


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BCP, Ep 75 - Ray's Place | Kent, OH - "Ohio by CSNY"

Cutter and Jake drive across Ohio to the campus of Kent State University, where they re-visit the protest massacre of 1970. They discuss the similarities with other events wherein government killed protestors, such as January 6th in the US and 1972's Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, and where protestors killed innocent citizens, such as the race riots in the US in 2020. Compared to its vehemence about Kent State and George Floyd, the left's silence on the deaths of Ashli Babbitt, David Dorn, and others underlines its disgusting hypocrisy. They also compare and contrast two viewpoints of Ashli Babbitt's murder, from the man who pulled the trigger, Michael Byrd, and from her widower, Aaron Babbitt.

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