Guest: Attorney Matt DePerno and Journalist Alex Newman. Topic: Matt reveals four shocking claims that his election investigation discovered including Chinese interference into the election in Michigan. Topic: Hear the audio of a U.S. Congressman calling for the United Nations to take over the crisis at America’s border. Brannon explains why he believes progressives and globalist are trying to create a crisis so bad that it can be used to justify bringing UN soldiers into America. Topic: Matt and Brannon discuss why in the coming years U.S. attorneys could be making their legal arguments to UN courts in America. Topic: Livestream emails Brannon to tell him if he streams information about the election being stolen or about the dangers of the Covid vaccine they could cancel his streaming account and not refund WVW’s money. Apparently Livestream also does not allow for refuting the lies of the World Health Organization run by the United Nations. Topic: We take your calls. 


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