Wisconsin Voting Revelation What You Need to Know


Special Counsel Delivers

So, how about that Special Counsel report? For those of you who are not aware, the Wisconsin General Assembly’s Campaign and Elections Committee put together a Special Counsel to investigate the election fraud claims. Earlier this month, they made an announcement that fraud did occur, identifying that nursing home facilities were the primary culprits. Although this was already major news, it didn't seem to catch people's attention. It was like the bomb never exploded. However, on March 24....


The bomb finally went off!

Wisconsin’s Bombshell Revelation

While the report from earlier this March was shocking, it was only the beginning. After all, who cares about the votes of nursing home residents? Well, everyone should, but reports like that have been coming in since November 2020! Although it is evidence that fraud did occur, it seemed to move past as fast as a mainstream media news cycle. However, the scale of it was not apparent. At least not right away. That was until the latest report.

On March 24, the “True the Vote” founder, Catherine Englebrecht exposed the full scale of it. Seven percent of the ballots that were submitted were fraudulent. Over a hundred thousand votes were manipulated. But how?

The Report

During the investigation, two petabytes of location and information data were collected. That’s right, not megabytes, not terabytes, but petabytes. For those who do not know the scale, one petabyte has the same capacity of 1024 terabytes or a million gigabytes. They had two of these! The data was massive, as it contained location data that identified people's exact location. This data is so specific that it can tell you what floor of an apartment a person lives in. On Brannon Howse Live, Brannon mentioned that just 100 terabytes cost about $5,000. So, this is extremely impressive.

However, the important part is what the data exposed. Using geo-tracking device data, they noticed something. Multiple people or “mules” go to specific drop boxes repeatedly. That’s right. This 7% of fraudulent votes came from mail-in votes. It's almost like mail-in voting was a bad idea! Who knew right? In addition to this, they were able to get footage of these mules. Always wearing a disguise and gloves, these mules stuff drop boxes with votes. The criminals themselves took pictures as evidence as well.

With major news like this, it would seem like there are going to be a lot of people reacting. So, how did people take it?

Reaction to the Presentation

So, what happened at the presentation? Lindell TV reporter, Millie Weaver, was there at the presentation to report on this shocking news. However, right from the start people were already getting carried out. In Weaver’s interview on Brannon Howse Live, people were seen dragged out because of interrupting the presentation. Great start right?

Fortunately, the next 20 minutes were not interrupted. In fact, they were able to concisely explain the information and show how precise the data was. After the presentation, lawyer James Bopps decided to chime in. His input:

"The only way to remove President Biden is by his death, resignation, impeachment or disability under the 25th Amendment"

Thanks, Bopps. That was a great help. So, we are supposed to let this slide? No!

Stand Against Election Fraud

Regardless of Joe Biden’s position or if there are no grounds to remove him, people should not just drop the subject or call it pointless. Those 137,551 ballots silenced people in Wisconsin. So, stand up to election fraud! We can’t let the next presidential election in 2024 or the 2022 mid-terms be corrupted.

It’s more than mail-in ballots. Ready for another bombshell? The Definite Proof series just launched the third report; Bombshell Proof Of Election Machine Manipulation! Stay tuned.

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