Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Drop Box Use in 2020 Ruled Unlawful

Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Drop Box Use in 2020 Ruled Unlawful

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has given a decisive victory for voting integrity. In a landmark decision, the supreme court ruled that ballot drop boxes were illegal based on Wisconsin election laws. Democrats are outraged, claiming it will restrict voting access, and ignoring the shade things that lead to these ballot boxes being used. However, Karen Mueller’s recent interview on the Lindell Report gives some fantastic and disturbing insight. 

Who is Karen Mueller?

Karen Mueller is one of the three candidates for Wisconsin’s Attorney General position. Mueller is a civil rights attorney from Chippewa Falls with a lifelong career working with discrimination and harassment claims. In addition, Mueller is the founder and general counselor of Amos Center for Justice & Liberty.

In recent years, Mueller has been fighting for election integrity, holding hospitals accountable for COVID deaths, and eliminating mask mandates. It was this dedication that lead Mueller to pursue the Wisconsin Election Committee regarding the legality of ballot drop boxes. 

The Original Case: Wheeler v. Wisconsin Election Committee

After the 2020 election, Mueller began investigating the legality of ballot drop boxes in regard to Wisconsin election laws. During Mueller’s research, the civil rights attorney discovered that there was no legal authority that allows the use of ballot drop boxes. Wisconsin only allows ballots to be cast in prescribed methods within the legislation. Any other way would immediately invalidate the votes, regardless of whether the votes were legitimate or illegitimate. Ballot drop boxes were not one of these methods, leading Mueller to file a suit in December 2020. 

Wheeler v. WEC did not make any ground because the Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to look at it. According to Mueller, the court never gave a reason why they would not look at the case. However, there were comments that it was legal and how she could challenge it. With the case dropped, Mueller had to pursue other cases. However, Mueller’s initial investigation lead to a new court case that would force the Supreme Court’s hand. 

Teigen v. Wisconsin Election Committee

While the Wisconsin government was eager to move past ballot drop boxes, the Wisconsin Institution of Law and Liberty (WILL) was not. Mueller was contacted by WILL to ask for all the information that she had gathered from her original case. The new lawsuit, Teigen v. WEC, challenged ballot drop boxes by stating there are only two legal ways to submit absentee ballots. WILL claimed that WEC unlawful instructed clerks to promote using drop boxes and telling voters that others can drop off their ballots. 

This is a violation of the law that only allows absentee ballots to be a privilege and state law states “[t]he envelope [containing the ballot] shall be mailed by the elector, or delivered in person, to the municipal clerk issuing the ballot or ballots.” Furthermore, a legislative audit confirmed that the election committee had no authority to authorize ballot drop boxes. 

Once the Supreme Court heard the case, the higher court decided that ballot drop boxes would be banned in further elections. According to Justice Rebecca Bradley, “Only the legislature may permit absentee voting via ballot drop boxes. WEC cannot. Ballot drop boxes appear nowhere in the detailed statutory system for absentee voting. WEC’s authorization of ballot drop boxes was unlawful…”

What does This Decision Mean? 

Two years of work have finally led to a victory for election integrity. However, what comes after this? According to Mueller, decertification is rally Wisconsin’s only option. This is because this ruling opens up new challenges. Over 500 ballot drop boxes violated the state’s election laws. As a result, the ballots that were cast via ballot drop box are no longer valid. This is because ballot drop boxes are not an authorized or legal way to submit an absentee ballot. 

That means that these ballots need to be sealed and retallied. There also needs to be an analysis of how many ballots became null and void because of WEC’s actions. This is a big mess for Wisconsin, to say the least. Other states can now start challenging their own ballot drop box laws. Of course, some states might have laws that allow for this type of absentee ballot submission. Regardless, this is a game-changer when it comes to election integrity. 

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