Will the Border Crisis Finally Get Attention?

Will the Border Crisis Finally Get Attention?

The U.S.-Mexican Border is becoming the deadliest crossing in the world. Over the last couple of months, conditions have been deteriorating even more at the southern border. Despite the canned response of “The border is closed,” or “The border is secure” it’s evident the current administration does not care. Recently, it seems like the border issue is even becoming important to those on the left who are now being inconvenienced.

The Current State of the Border

Just last month, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection released its June 2022 Monthly Operational Report. In that report, the CBP stated that there was a record-breaking amount of border crossing. This includes a higher amount of terrorist sitings, abandoned children, and illegal drugs at the U.S.-Mexican Border. This is the fourth month in a row with over 200,000 encounters at the border. 

The death rates amongst these migrants are rising exceptionally. Just a month ago, migrants were left abandoned in a semi-truck in San Antonio. It led to the death of 53 people. This is just one of the many incidents that have increased the death rate. Last year, 557 deaths happened on the southern border. This was the highest on record. However, 2022 is aiming to break that record. Border Patrol has already performed 14,000 search and rescue missions over the last several months. 

The conditions at the border are getting worse and more dangerous for migrants. Yet, Biden is turning a blind eye or outright lying about the conditions. 

Biden Administration: Lie and Ignore 

Up until now, the Biden administration has done nothing to deter border crossings. In fact, the only thing Biden has done related to the border is to punish Border Patrol officers that were falsely accused of whipping illegal immigrants

Biden has been ignoring the current state of the border and making it worse. The administration has cut funding to Border Control, refusing to prosecute illegal border crossings, and limiting the use of Title 42. All of which are causing recorded breaking encounters and a significant death toll rise. Actually, the Biden administration said June’s numbers were good news because it is lower than May. That’s not a “glass half full” attitude, it’s a glass half bull statement. Nothing new for these people.

“Not In My Backyard” Hypocrites

Throughout the entire border crisis, border states and other representatives have been begging for assistance. While immigrants are being shipped to states and locations that are not prepared for this influx, Democrat-run cities have told other states to endure it. That is until the issue is in their backyard. 

One of these hypocrites is the District of Columbia Mayor, Muriel Bowser. While Bowser was silent when Arizona and Texas struggled with illegal immigration, she sure has an opinion now that the problem is at her front door. Buses of immigrants were sent to Washington, DC, Bowser took to the national stage to complain about it!

Bowser complains about the influx of these immigrants is overwhelming shelters and taking away resources from DC citizens. According to the DC Mayor, these migrants were “tricked” into boarding buses to the capital.  It is interesting how she claims that immigrants are being tricked into going to the capital. That is where these nation-killing policies are being generated from. Meanwhile, there are overwhelmed towns all over the border states where complaints from local officials go unheard.

It just proves that Democrats do not care about the consequences till they suffer from them. 

Let’s Get the Border Under Control!

When will this change? There is no way you can hide millions of people being poured all over the country. Even Democratic mayors and party members won’t support this influx to their cities and towns. Biden poll numbers reflect this, but no one there is getting the message. To be sure this is about pushing the Liberal World Order initiative. However, contrary to mainstream media and social media-driven perception, they are not the majority!

Write Your Congressman

Will the border crisis finally get meaningful attention? Well, not without a lot of help from the silent majority. American citizens in both parties and independents can protect this country’s sovereignty. Where to start? Write your congressman, it can make a difference! 

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