Will Biden Protect Christians?


Blinken Assures On Religious Freedom

Newly appointed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken joined with Department of State Office of International Freedom Senior Officer Daniel Nadel to announce the 2020 annual Religious Freedom Report to assure a worried international community, and in particular Christians worldwide for whom nearly 300 million live under constant persecution with between 10-20 dying as martyrs daily, that the new regime will honor previous commitments to Religious Freedom.

A general consensus has developed in Washington that the incoming regime does not have the same emphasis on Religious Freedom which was a hallmark of President Donald J. Trump, carried out by the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who help two Religious Freedom Ministerials serving notice to the international community that the persecution of Christians and others would not be tolerated.

Pushing back on that narrative, Daniel Nadel said, “4/5th of the world live in a nation where there are restrictions on religious freedom and we can assure everyone that religious freedom is a core American value and there will be no change in this view” in an effort to alway fears that that priority has been laid aide by the new regime continuing with “The International Religious Freedom Act passed 22 years ago this week under the Clinton Administration with a unanimous vote and there is no question we remain committed to it as the law demands it.”

It is generally understood that roughly 80% of the persecution in the world is against Christians, with nearly 80% of that persecution in mohammedan majority countries.

At the same time, while there are 56 nations in the Organization of Islamic Unity whose are legally required to protect mohammedans undergoing any form of persecution, only two nations - Hungary and Poland - have the specific legal requirements for the protection of Christians, leading to a needed balance in all religious freedom effort that that while there is religious persecution to various degrees of other major religions as well as many smaller, new religions, it remains that the majority of all attacks on religious freedom are against Christians.

Nadel assures that in particulate the Assyrian Christian Iraq can be assured of support going forward “nearly 500 million dollars has been spent since 2017 in Northern Iraq” he commented to allay concern by many that the oldest Christian community in the world is being left to fend for itself under the new regimes at https://buck4good.com/project/christians-desperate-in-iraq-and-syria/.

One senior official working with Religious Freedom issues who wished to remain anonymous due to ongoing efforts said “we are honestly concerned at effort going forward that even though those who have been working on these issues for years have worked well with former Senator Joe Biden who headed the Foreign Relations Committee and always strongly supported efforts to protect Christians, it is unclear to what degree he is in control of current religious freedom effort which have over time become less about protecting religious freedom and more on various interfaith dialogue efforts which is an areas of great concern”.

One good sign going forward is the upcoming Religious Freedom Summit at www.irf summit.com from July 13-15, where many are hoping an effort will be made to bring balance to the severe religious persecution of Christians happening worldwide with additional support at www.mypillow.com with the promo code “whl”.

Exclusive report Amir George at the State Departmet


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