Why is the Selective Service Tweeting About a Military Draft? Will Americans Allow Their Children to Die for the Fourth Reich?


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A very troubling development occurred on March 23, 2022, as Selective Service put out the following tweet:

"In the event of a draft our agency would partner with @FEMA to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward.”

Then the tweet links to the website of Selective Service where you can read about alternatives for a conscientious objector. By the way, you have to first be able to prove from your lifestyle, prior to a draft, that you are a conscientious objector.

If you are proven to be a conscientious objector, then you can be involved in things that benefit the nation, such as health-care, education, social services, conservation. Health-care like having "military" personnel conducting a mandatory vaccination program? Will they be going door to door?

In February of 2018, I began to warn about the return of a military a draft. I particularly warned about a draft in relation to America's daughters.

As Obama was heading out the doors of the White House, he concocted a plan with then US Senator John McCain, to put together a committee to evaluate whether or not America's daughters should be included in a draft. The report also included the idea of whether or not the federal government should make it mandatory for children to spend a certain amount of mandated hours involved in volunteerism. I warned about this in my book, Grave Influence, that came out in 2009. Do you get the timeline there? The subtitle of the book was 21 Radicals Ruling America from the Grave. How is it that in 2009 a book is released that I wrote, but in 2016 a commission was established and I predicted this so accurately in regards to mandating national service brainwashing? How did I know in 2009 what would be put into full practice? Because I know the worldviews that are ruling the world and the 21 radicals who are ruling the world from the grave. And one of these radicals who went on to greatly influence President Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George H., George W., and Barack Obama was Williams James.

Mandatory community service is something the Marxists have written about for a very long time. So all I had to do is know what their agenda is by their own writings going back decades and decades and decades. And then in 2008, Obama's administration introduced legislation that wanted to require so many hours of elementary school students and high school students to be involved in volunteerism" with Saul Alinsky, social justice, marxist-based community organizations. They did not get what they wanted fully in the legislation. But they did move the ball down the field.

And then in the final days of his presidency, Obama and McCain decided to set up a commission to study drafting America's daughters. And they established a website for it. I began to study it along with the help of my friend Captain Udell Myers, retired United States Marine, who is a veteran of the Vietnam War. We started really tracking this commission in February of 2018 with Captain Meyers being a guest on my national radio show and warning about this commission.

Finally, the commission released their report in March of 2020. I did multiple TV shows on this, showing PowerPoint slides of the contents of this report.

The report calls for requiring America's daughters to register for the military draft and forcing all students into brainwashing programs disguised as service learning. The commissions report details their goal of turning Americas children into social justice warriors who are brainwashed with the radical Marxist worldview of Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama.

The government agency tied to the commissions report has a website, and we have the screenshot in which they literally call for turning Americas young people into community change agents.” They also call for creating individuals to think global, act local” and  believe in social justice” as well as  “champion sustainable development.” Can you say Agenda 21, Agenda 2030?

Commissions report to the U.S. Congress calls revolutionary service learning starting in kindergarten.” And make no mistake, the students can only conduct their national service with private for-profit organizations and nonprofit organizations and appropriate faith based organizations that pursues and enhances the common good.”

Do you think a pro-life organization will be approved by the government? You think working for a truly Christian organization, would it be approved by the government? No.

As I documented in my book, Grave Influence, I write about one of Barack Obama's pet projects, The Give Act, that was really helping to lay the foundation for what were facing today. In The GIVE Act, kids who decided to graduate from high school and go on to do more community service could actually get federal funding that included a stipend to live and for housing. But here's the kicker. The federal legislation said you could not be involved in any work at all, even if it was volunteer work at a church. You couldn't be on the custodial crew, maintain the building. You couldn't be a part of the worship team.

Now, why on earth would the government and these change agents not want a young person to be involved in volunteering at a local church on the worship team or maintaining the building? Because any successful brainwashing operation has to separate the subject from the opposite of the brainwashing agenda. So do you really think this Congressional proposal Inspired to Serve, when drafted into legislation, will allow for any kind of faith based organization that is truly based on a Christian worldview versus Marxianity to be approved? No, they have to prove that their pursuits are about pursuing and enhancing the common good. In other words, the social justice agenda has been renamed service learning,” and such values are going to be integrated into the classroom according to the report by Obamas commission. But who is going to teach these values? It must be a certified non-profit organization. The government is not going to certify students working for a conservative, pro-life group, or a truly Christian group.

Who sat on the committee for this commission, you ask? Ms. Shawn Skelly was one such person, who turned out to be a dude in a dress. Yeah. An LGBTQIA+ rights advocate. Shawn was recognized as one of the group of transgender veterans in 2017. In 2017, President Obama appointed Shawn to serve as a commissioner on the newly established National Commission on Military and National Public Service.

This very commission report calls for so many hours of social justice indoctrination through so-called community service in order for a high school student to receive a diploma. And the report makes it clear that the program will be based upon higher order thinking skills. That's the language of Benjamin Bloom, the father of outcome based education, whom I also dedicate a chapter to in my book, Grave Influence, from 2009. Benjamin Bloom said that the curriculum may be thought of as a plan for changing the studentsfixed beliefs. The question needs to be asked, who fixed them?” The answer is, of course, the parents.

And who else was in favor of this brainwashing program disguised as community service? None other than radical lesbian feminist, Margaret Mead, whom I also expose in a chapter in my book, Grave Influence.

In an article entitled, National Service: The Enduring Panacea:

"In 1967, for instance, anthropologist Margaret Mead argued that universal service would make it possible to assay the defects and the potentialities of every young American woman on the threshold of adulthood. The experience would have some unique impacts on women, she observed, since it would replace for girls, even more than for boys, marriage as the route away from the parental home.”

In other words, a great way to destroy the traditional family and make the women be involved in mandatory service. You don't want them dating and getting married and having children. As one feminist said, and as I document in one of my books, if women have the option to stay at home, get married, have children, too many of them will make that choice. You can't destroy the incubator for our Judeo-Christian, constitutional republic unless you destroy the family first. For the family is the incubator for passing on the values of a constitutional republic.

The commissions March 2020 report also calls upon the U.S. Congress to enact the Selective Service for women 18 to 26. This is exactly what I told my radio and television audience, starting in 2018, would be the recommendation of this Obama-established commission.

If you think you can get around this mandatory volunteerism by sending your child to a Christian school or homeschooling them, think again. The Obama created commission is recommending that the U.S. Congress make this Marxist, brainwashing, national service also apply to private schools and homeschool families.

This brings us back to the March 23, 2022 tweet by Selective Service speaking about a possible draft.

Why would there be a draft coming, folks? Maybe because the progressive Marxists and globalists are pushing for a World War III, and this would be a great opportunity to move young people away from their families. This would be a great opportunity to really brainwash them through mandatory service. And by the way, if you're a conscientious objector, guess what? The Selective Service declares that you can work with FEMA.

So let me get this straight. Young people who don't want to go to war and are approved as being conscientious objectors will be stationed at FEMA facilities?

So the FEMA camp idea might be real? I thought only kooks talked about the idea of FEMA camps. Yet, Americas children and grandchildren may be forced to a FEMA camp where they receive instruction and are involved in community service based out of a FEMA camp? I'm just asking questions.

How many of you are going to let your young people go? By the way, all they have to do is drop the requirement that all females age 18-26 sign up with the Selective Service into a piece of legislation, and your daughters and granddaughters will be drafted along with your sons and grandsons.

Are you going to allow them to draft your sons and/or daughters to go and fight the globalist war—to go over and spill blood in Ukraine where there's not a national interest? And even if there is a place where there is a national interest, will they actually win the stinking war, or will they do what they have done since North Korea and Vietnam, which is lose on purpose and by design?

We lost these wars, in part, because we had traitors in the State Department and traitors in the White House. People literally working for the Communists. This has been proven. You don't believe me? I have been speaking about the Venona Project for years. The Venona Project ran from February 1, 1943 until October 1, 1980. The communications coming in from the U.S.S.R to their operatives and agents were declassified and open to the public in 1995. These were orders and communications coming into their agents inside the federal government, even into the White House.

Everything Joseph McCarthy was telling us about the Communists infiltrating at the highest levels of the federal government turned out to be true, even more than he knew, because the Vernona Project was all classified. Presidents FDR and Truman were not even told about the Verona Project's existence. McCarthy died long before the Venona Project ceased and the communications were unclassified, translated and released. Many of the communications were not translated.

Let us not forget that it is a proven fact that we would not have had Castro come to power in Cuba if there were not people inside the U.S federal government working to establish Castro.

And consider Vietnam. We were not blowing up the supply routes of the Communists. We would not stop their supply routes. We would not allow our pilots to bomb planes sitting on the ground. We would not allow them to bomb anti-aircraft sites and equipment before it was active. This is all in my documentary, Siege, at siegethemovie.com

As I detailed extensively in my documentary Siege, America lost the Vietnam war because our federal government wanted to lose that war. Same with the Korean War. And you think I'm going to allow my kid to be drafted to go to war? No! Even if it is somewhere where there's a national interest, I wouldn't agree to it, because the traitors and cowards in our Pentagon, Congress, State Department, and often White House, have no desire to actually win. Why would you spill the blood of your kids for what you know is going to be a suicide mission for the globalist elite—much less, spill their blood for some complete disgusting country that has little respect for its own people and liberty. It's interesting that many people, many good people and many Christians, hid the Jews during World War II.

You may find yourself having to hide your own children from today's global Nazis. And yes, many of these people hold the same similar worldview, as did the Nazis. What were the Nazis? National Socialist Workers Party. What are they today? International Socialists. To what were the Nazis committed? Massive animal rights over human rights. One of Hitler's first laws passed in 1933 was an animal rights bill. Under Hitler's bill you could put only so many animals on a railcar. But Jews, how many can you fit? One more. People literally got in trouble for putting too many animals on a boxcar. How many Jews can you fit? One more! They turned the paradigm upside down that creation was to serve man for the worldview that man was to serve creation. They believed this because they believed that matter preceded the mind as represented in the worldview of Charles Darwin.

Hitler was into the same worldview represented in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, also known as Sustainable Development, the green alternative agenda, and pagan spirituality. Why do you think Hitler chose the swastika that was a Hindu symbol that he tweaked? Hitler was heavily involved in the occult and animal rights. Hitlers worldview was flipped upside down and the Jews were seen as a blight, a poison. And many of the towns and villages of the Jews were wiped out and turned into green space. Many of these global Nazis are committed to the same views today such as social justice, radical environmentalism, antisemitism, hatred of Christians, occultism, pantheism, panentheism, and the merging of big government and big business.

Sadly, some of the same ideologies that drove the Nazis are evident in much of the agenda of Republicans such as their commitment to the merging of big government and big business and a hatred for the true free market system.

So I repeat, Christians hid Jews during World War II from the Nazis. Soon, you may find yourself hiding your own children and grandchildren from today's Nazis, the growing Fourth Reich. Is that too extreme for some? Maybe they need to get educated!

I wrote a book in 2015, that was 500 pages called, The Coming Religious Reich. The word Reichmeans empire or kingdom. We are headed for a global Reich, a global empire, or kingdom. Call it globalism if you want, or a one world government, or as Biden declared this week, the new world order. I call it the coming Religious Reich because it will be based upon a set of occult-based religious beliefs.

So, I repeat, many Christians hid the Jews from the Nazis in World War II. You may find yourself having to hide your children today from the Fourth Reich Nazis. But don't expect your pastor” to tell you what I revealing. Most of them are educated beyond their intelligence and they are not pastors; they're hirelings, they're wolves. Many of them are the paid useful idiots of the government. They literally are living off the government. You don't know it, but many of your churches today take local, state and federal money. And if it's not your church directly taking the money, it's a sister, nonprofit that they've started that is now on the public dole, providing community services, social services at the local, state and federal level with certain church leaders” enriching themselves through this scam.

How do I know this? I wrote a 300 page book that was released in November of 2018 entitled, Marxianity. So don't expect your pastors,” many of them, to stand up. They've been bought and paid for. Many of them won't even give a clear gospel while conducting their social justice programs, because they can't. If they give the gospel or pass out tracks or a Bible, they could lose their federal funding.

Am I blowing your mind? Then maybe you should get my book Marxianity.

How many fathers and grandfathers are going to stand up to this kidnapping of their children and grandchildren? How many of them have bought into a feminized, yellow belly, cotton candy Christianity? How many are not man enough to stand up and defend their families from becoming the cannon fodder for the military industrial complex, the globalists and New Nazis, and their wars to destroy nations, depopulate the planet and enrich themselves? We are likely to find out who the real men are sooner than we think.

What I'm telling you is that a narrative is being laid. Why the constant talk of draft? Why is the Selective Service even talking about in the event of a draft?” Because we seem to be on the cusp of World War III by people in Washington who are doing everything they can to guarantee World War III.

Are they planning on the draft? Why are they messaging this? I am not shocked at what is unfolding, because I have been tracking and warning about the return of the military draft since February 2018.

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