What Can You Do to Rally Behind the Jan. 6 Men and Women Who Stood Against the Fraudulent 2020 Election?

What Can You Do to Rally Behind the Jan. 6 Men and Women Who Stood Against the Fraudulent 2020 Election?

Conservatives and Patriotic Americans, we stand in the midst of Spiritual Warfare, against an evil that seeks to silence the light of truth! The men and women who took a stand against the fraudulent 2020 election languish in prisons, politically persecuted and suffering in the hands of a weaponized political system. Not only were these Patriotic Americans wrongfully imprisoned, but they now suffer inhumane conditions in jail.

Among those detained were Veterans and Active Military, all being horribly mistreated. All of this is happening in Biden’s America. There is no “innocent until proven guilty” in Biden’s America with the Department of Justice (DOJ) weaponized against conservatives as they exact revenge against President Donald J. Trump. “We the People” are just considered as collateral damage in an evil agenda to prevent President Trump from shining a light on the corrupt darkness that continues to grow within our political system.

Now more than ever we must unite our efforts to stand against political corruption by doing everything in our power to provide financial, emotional and moral support to families of the Jan. 6 detainees. The Patriot Freedom Project was founded for this purpose. This platform is to help those who are suffering from various political attacks and financial hardship as a result of tyranny.

Diamond and Silk were recently joined by Cynthia Hughes, President of Patriot Freedom Project J6 to bring awareness to the plight of those being politically persecuted. Watch the video and to learn more about how you can donate to the cause visit: https://www.patriotfreedomproject.com/donate 

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