WATCH: Trump-Backed Kari Lake DESTROYS CNN’s Dana Bash

WATCH: Trump-Backed Kari Lake DESTROYS CNN’s Dana Bash

Former President Donald Trump did a good job of picking some high-profile fighters for this year’s midterms. That’s particularly true in Arizona, where “New Right” Blake Masters and the ever-MAGA Kari Lake are having a great time taking the fight to the left for once.

Such is what Kari Lake recently did when speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash for an interview, running her over like an 18-wheeler trucker hitting a discarded McDonald’s bag on the highway.

One such instance came when Lake, confronted with the usual “election denier” comments, blasted Bash for not labeling Georgia’s Stacey Abrams an “election denier” despite Abrams’ past claims about her 2018 loss to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. WATCH VIDEO...

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