Watch: Portland Mayor Wheeler Laughs at Residents’ Anger Over Homeless Issue

Watch: Portland Mayor Wheeler Laughs at Residents’ Anger Over Homeless Issue

Our larger American cities are in trouble. Homelessness, drug use, violent crime, high cost of living, these are just a few of the issues people struggle with on a daily basis. Has anyone been to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Denver, or any of the Democrat controlled larger cities lately? It’s simply not safe. Repeat criminals are being released back onto the streets, there are no consequences for crime, and the homeless are allowed to camp and do whatever they please under the guise of compassion. It’s so bad in Portland that at a recent city council meeting, one resident went on a tirade describing the conditions and asking Mayor Ted Wheeler what was going to be done. Wheeler’s response was infuriating.

Gillian Rose shared criticisms during a virtual city council meeting and said the encampments all over the city were a huge problem for everyone, the Daily Mail reported Saturday.

“You have to stop enabling this,” she pleaded. “I’m angry and I’m sad and I’m fed up, and I’m so sick of having politicians pander to a woke agenda that’s been nothing short of an epic failure.”

Mind you, this is a woman who is also a leftist and moved to Portland for its leftist culture, and even she is fed up with the current state of affairs.

Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) chuckled, then said, “Thank you, you’ve made your point emphatically clear. Thank you for being here and sharing your perspective, we do appreciate it.” READ MORE...

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