The Truth About Dominion Machines Exposed in Georgia

The Truth About Dominion Machines Exposed in Georgia

Since the conclusion of the 2020 Presidental Elections, the mainstream media has taken an active role in promoting the “safest election” narrative. Anyone who talks about possible issues with the voting machine was mocked for being unconstitutional, conspiracy theories, and other labels. Questioning the “safest election” was basically off-limits for almost two years. However, from this video produced by Nick Moseder, it is evident that the truth finally came out

The Truth About Dominion Machines

To the surprise of many, CNN and the Washington Post released an article admitting that there were vulnerabilities in Dominion Machines; specifically the Image Cast X Dominion Machine. There are actually several vulnerabilities that would allow for machine manipulation. Malware that could switch votes could be installed onto the machines, leaving ballots exposed. 

What were CNN and the Washington Post’s sources? The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The Federal organization released a five-page analysis of these machines. Another shocking moment, considering the CISA has said that 2020 was the “safest” election in American History. But why now? Why are government agencies and the mainstream media changing their tune?

Controlling the Narrative

In the CISA’s advisory, there is an odd line at the end that shows that there is something more going on. The advisory states: 

While these vulnerabilities present risks that should be mitigated as soon as possible, CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections. 

It seems rather odd to add this at the end of the advisory. They could have just ended by stating that they would work to mitigate risks as soon as possible. However, they took it a step more by saying that these vulnerabilities have not to be exploited in any election. Why? 

The CISA is trying to control the narrative. By saying that the exploits have never been used, they can continue the narrative that the 2020 election was not manipulated. However, there is a bigger reason why they want to control the narrative. The Halderman Report is about to be released. 

The Halderman Report is the result of a lawsuit in Georgia that claimed the Dominion machines were unconstitutional. For the lawsuit, Professor Halderman was brought in to examine the machines. The expert had access to the machines for 12 weeks where he found “multiple severe security flaws.” Although he publicly announced the results, no one has seen the report because it was temporarily sealed. 

After the Halderman Report was given to CISA by Judge Totenberg, the organization had the judge seal it. According to the CISA, they wanted to complete their own “coordinated vulnerability disclosure” before it was released. Everything was done to set the stage to create new propaganda. However, people are not buying it and the new evidence proves it. 

Evidence of Election Fraud

The CISA’s new narrative is absolutely destroyed with the hand count in DeKalb County, Georgia. DeKalb County had a local county commissioner race on May 24. The numbers did not add up for one of the candidates, Michelle Long Spears. After Spears was cut off from the election, the commissioner candidate went to several districts and discovered a pattern. ZERO votes were cast for her, including in the district where she and her husband voted for her!

After discovering this, Spears demanded a hand recount of the ballots. When the recount was done, the electronic ballots and hand ballots showed a significant difference. In fact, the difference changed the results of the election. Spears had actually won the elections. The ballot counts for Spears were off by thousands, giving her a win with 6,661 votes for the runoff election. Furthermore, it showed the Dominion machines missed about 3,000 votes. 

No More Lies 

Dekalb County, Georgia proves that Dominion machines are very capable of changing the results of an election, even by accident. These machines could have suffered the same technical issue as DeKalb County and nobody would be the wiser. 

The CISA wants people to believe that exploits were never used in an election, but why should we trust them? For nearly two years, the CISA has repeatedly told the American people that 2020 was the “safest election.” But it wasn’t. The Halderman Report shows that there were severe vulnerabilities and it was sealed for months till the CISA was ready. This does not discount all the other ways the election could have been manipulated. 

One thing is clear. The United States should stick to paper ballots from now on.  Dominion and frankly any of the voting machine systems, cannot be trusted to get the job right. 

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