Trump-Endorsed John Gibbs Defeats Michigan Republican Who Voted For Trump’s Impeachment


The U.S. Michigan primary race between former administration official John Gibbs and Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI) was a tight election.

The candidates were trading leads until midnight when John Gibbs took the final lead and defeated Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI).

This race could testify to Trump’s influence over Michigan’s politics.

In November, Trump endorsed Gibbs and set out to take Meijer to task for voting for his impeachment back in January.

Some believe that Gibb’s victory signifies that Democrats may take the House seat in November, while others believe that the Republicans may win the majority of elections in November.

It is known that Gibbs has been a Trump supporter from the beginning and even had worked in his administration under Ben Carson.

Gibbs’s said, “RINO Peter Meijer chose to be fawned over by the media & the DC establishment instead of doing what’s right & representing those who voted for him.”

Meijer said, “I take the oath I swore to the Constitution, an oath I took under God, seriously and voted accordingly.”

It was a triumphant night for political candidates endorsed by Trump and the Republican party. READ MORE...

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