Tina Peters’ Entry Upends Colorado’s Secretary of State Race


Tina Peters’ Entry Upends Colorado’s Secretary of State Race 


February 15, 2022 Grand Junction, Colorado – National news media outlets across America covered yesterday’s announcement for Colorado’s Secretary of State race by Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters. Peters entry upends the Colorado Secretary of State race. Announcements for a statewide political race wouldn’t usually garner above-the-fold coverage. But when Tina Peters, who for two years has been the lead voice in Colorado’s battle for election transparency and data integrity, made it public that she is mounting a campaign for Secretary of State, in Colorado, that would unseat Democrat Jenna Griswold, national news wires were fixated on the Gold Star Mom Tina Peters. 


Even the New York Times ran a story on Tina Peters announcing her run for Secretary of State in Colorado. When asked what she thought about all of the national coverage of her announcement to run for Colorado Secretary of State, Peters said on Tuesday morning, “Colorado under Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s guidance, has gone to extreme measures to silence not only me but others, who are exposing the damage done to the public’s perception of election integrity. So, it should be national news. Not only am I not stopping my fight for Colorado voters as a county clerk, I’m taking the fight to the Capitol in Denver to be Secretary of State. The left isn’t happy anyone would dare continue to expose their tactics that keep their thumb on the scales of our elections.” 


The general election race could pit Peters, a vocal county elections clerk who has gone to great lengths to provide information to the public about suspicious voting machine data-handling by the government, against the Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold. As a county clerk tasked with overseeing elections, Peters has been unwavering in demanding transparency for the public regarding elections and the equipment used by voters and voting data. Griswold has been heavy-handed with Peters attempting to block Peter’s efforts by and to place overseers in Peter’s office. Griswold has issued several “emergency” orders that are clearly aimed at the Republican Peters. 



Peters also said, “It’s not in dispute that there are those who want no change to the damaged perception, even Republican primary candidates like Pam Anderson who are willing to appease the left by proclaiming, “our elections are secure”, even as activists are placing their thumb on the scales. Whether by legal challenges to loosen ballot controls, expanded mail in ballots, rapid voting machine data wipes, intentionally obfuscating the handling of voter records or middle of the night vote counting, the perception by millions of Americans is that the integrity of our American elections are under assault. That perception of election tampering, even if not discovered in every vote recount or in every investigation, is real. That perception is a result of the current administration and must be improved through increased transparency. But we are getting the opposite from our current administration from Washington to the capitol in Denver. And now those progressives running Colorado have the audacity to ignore the spirit of Colorado’s elections and voter information security laws, that I champion. And instead they are twisting the letter of those laws in an attempt to discredit me as a candidate for Colorado’s Secretary of State.”  


 In response to Tina Peters’ announcement yesterday, a left-leaning member of the Denver Post’s Editorial Board called Tina Peters “Dangerous”. Peters responded, “Am I dangerous? To the left I certainly am. My message, that Republican and Democrat voters alike, should not move on to the next election without demanding transparency from those in charge of our elections, that’s a dangerous message to those who want to keep their unfair advantages. We cannot let what happened in 2020 become the new normal, with voters simply being told by this administration to trust that suspicious data-handling practices are nothing to worry about.” 


Peters also said, “I’m running to restore that trust and to put an end to government overreach in our election process. Weaponizing our elections and targeting political opponents has no place in Colorado. I have a duty and a responsibility to stand for truth, justice. My son was a Navy SEAL and he died serving our country, and he had a saying, “Every day you don't quit, you win.”   



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