These Little Ones Spotlights A Disturbing Problem

These Little Ones Spotlights A Disturbing Problem

Every year there are thousands of children abducted all over the globe. One of the biggest perpetrators of this is Child Protective Services (CPS). Stew Peters looks at this in the new documentary These Little Ones. The film starts with an expose on the Baby Cyrus case, which includes disturbing imagery of how the police and CPS originally took this child from his mother’s arms and family.

The film goes on from there to give a background on child trafficking that has been happening for thousands of years. It describes how the CPS right now in the United States has almost unlimited power. From there, the movie goes into a series of events where Peters makes connections between child trafficking, planned parenthood, Hollywood elites, and even satanic rituals.

Here are some of the topics covered:

Child Protective Services

This service was given a great amount of power in 1997 by Bill Clinton by signing the Adoption and Safe Families Act. These services profit off removing a child from their family. All 50 states are involved in this, to receive adoption incentives they need to make quotas. 

Baby Cyrus

In Idaho, a young couple had their baby removed from them without warning. Utah CPS took baby Cyrus without cause or giving any reason to the parents. Baby Cyrus's grandfather stated, “This truly is state-subsidized child trafficking. There’s no way to whitewash, this is exactly what it is.”

The parents were ambushed at a gas station by many police officers. Both parents were arrested, and the child was taken away. They would not let the mother ride with her child in the ambulance. 

Finally, by the grace of god, Baby Cyrus is back with his family and the charges have been dropped!

History Of Child Trafficking 

To know how things got to this point, we need to look at the past. Henry B. Smith Jr. a biblical historian discusses how long and how child trafficking has been happening.  He uses archeology for his research. He discusses how child kidnapping and other unfortunate events have been happening for centuries. 

Planned Parenthood

There have been millions of abortions since the 1970s and throughout the years there have been some pretty graphic situations that have arisen. Planned Parenthood has been accused of selling dead fetuses to medical institutions. Abortions and fetal parts are big business. 

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Another avenue that is larger than people think, is Satanic Ritual Abuse. Fourteen of every 250-home neighborhood has some form of Satanic rituals. Unfortunately, many children that were trafficked end up in these rituals.

Hollywood Connection

Isaac was a social media influencer and actor that would cover how pedophiles were rampant in Hollywood. In addition, he covered Jeffery Epstein and the mystery around him. He claimed the government was aware of it. Mysteriously, he committed suicide, but many feel it was outside forces that caused it. 

Child Trafficking, Evils, and Action

The movie brings into focus a horrendous problem in our society. Sadly, child trafficking by evildoers occurs throughout most of our history. Now, there are government agencies that are part of the problem. It is time for good people to stand up and take action and tell them no more! 

Anger, Sorrow, Disturbed, Disbelief

Regardless of your beliefs or conclusions, you would be hard-pressed not to be affected by the subject matter in this Stew Peters Production. 

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