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Take the Pledge: Vote in person on Election Day

Election integrity is currently under scrutiny in America. Recently released movies like 2000 Mules and Selection Code cast doubt on the security of our elections. In addition, the sophisticated fraud detection methods of intellectuals like Dr. Frank, Seth Keshel, LadyDraza, and the Lone Raccoon suggest high levels of vote manipulation in the 2020 US national election. These fraud detectives recommend the following changes to ensure election integrity: 1) Ban all electronic election equipment and utilize paper ballots only; 2) Ban all early voting and restrict all voting to Election Day; 3) Ban mail-in voting with few exceptions for service members and the elderly or infirm.

However, none of these worthy, necessary recommendations will be implemented without a constant, sustained effort. We have spoken to many elected officials about what we are seeing here in Indiana. They, even after showing them the documented problems from their own data, still believe that our elections are ‘safe and secure’. Our diligent efforts are being ignored - the question is why. If our elections are truly transparent, safe and secure, why have our over 950 FOIA requests been denied by the Secretary of State’s office and election officials? If our elections are the ‘gold standard’, then why not produce what we ask for? What are they hiding? Why the stonewalling? The lack of transparency is astounding. Indiana First Action will not stop until the system is truly representative of elections For the People, and By the People. As Rev. Jesse Jackson said in 2004, “We are not whining over a lost election. We are crying for a fair one.” Our system is broken.

Meanwhile, what can you do today? We are asking all Hoosiers to “Take the Pledge”:

• Vote in person on Election Day, November 8 from 3 pm to 6 pm. In so doing, we hope to reduce the effectiveness of election interference techniques.

• NO MORE EARLY VOTING or MAIL-Ins unless absolutely necessary – Indiana has a 30-day voting season, but why? For convenience? Did you know that if you vote early, you do not have a secret ballot? Your information is tied to that vote in case you become ineligible to vote or pass away, thereby allowing the clerk to pull your ballot out if need be.

• Vet ALL Candidates, not just the ones who have a (D), (L), (R) or an (I) behind their names. Vote for who truly will represent your voice by researching candidates' vote history at http://iga.in.gov/. Vote records don’t life. A simple social media search will clearly define who represents your values.

• Vote in EVERY …. SINGLE ….. ELECTION from here on out. Elections have consequences. We are seeing that all too well at this very moment in time of our Country’s history.

• If you ever decide to run for office, you must have voted in 2 primaries (pre-reqs). That is why voting in all elections matters.

• Tell 10 people about the efforts and progress of IndianaFirstAction.com – watch the Rumble videos for shocking information.

• Get all of your friends/family registered to vote! Deadlines are: In-person at local Clerk’s office: Oct 11 - Online (https://indianavoters.in.gov/): Oct 11 by 11:59 pm

• Sign up to be a poll worker/watcher today by contacting your County Clerk or County Chair. It is one action a year that can have a huge beneficial impact (#See Something Say Something)

• GET INVOLVED! If election matters in Indiana concern you, then join Indiana First Action at www.IndianaFirstAction.com. Everyone has immense value and we will find the perfect spot for you in our grass-roots team.


Let us all “Take the Pledge” today!


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