Support Our Troops!


Support Capitol Hill!

Petes Diner, a Capitol Hill hangout for decades has been transformed into “support central” for the Capitol Police and others providing security to Capitol Hill. 

Longtime patron, Captain Phillip Bush, Navy retired,  helped  organize the outreach which includes providing toiletries, socks, daily necessities and more says, “they are all amazing - what started out as helping a few of our troops has grown to a full time operation and in addition to the meals, people are sending supplies for the those helping from aspirin to snacks to canned food - anything to help out. 

He glowingly shows cards, letters and supplies sent from throughout the country saying “thank you”.

Owner Mrs. Gum, originally from Malaysia was suddenly confronted by troops from throughout America coming to her diner beginning in January looking for a hot meal and a place to take a break from the occupation and what started as a project with Captain Bush for a meal on the house has grown to nearly 10,000 meals to date provided to the National Guard, Capitol Police and other staff caring for Capitol Hill,

Anyone wanting to help can send anything for the troops or a check to defray some of the costs to Petes Diner, 212 Second St. SE, 20003 to make a difference or at and and put in promo code “whl”.

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