The Story Behind Voatz App Will Shock You! find out who is behind the push for mobile voting on in America

The Story Behind Voatz App Will Shock You!

The Voatz story began “almost by accident”.  So how did this company go from an idea to a company with assets valued at up to $50 million in 7 years? Find out how money from George Soros and other far-left, globalists gets funneled down into our local elections.

Voatz had multiple opportunities to compete and showcase their new blockchain mobile voting technology following the 2015 "Hack to the Future" Hackathon award. This drew attention not only from the tech sector, but also from investors. Voatz has reportedly raised $10 million in funding.

Medici Ventures (subsidiary of and TechStars are two key early investors in Voatz. Former CEO Patrick Byrne was investing in various blockchain technologies before investing in Voatz. now has a large footprint in blockchain technologies that include cryptocurrency, digital identity, web3, blockchain business technology, and blockchain mobile voting. This comes in handy for Utah, which is seeing the government move toward digital ID and smart cities.

Mobile Voting Pilot Program Begins

Some believe smartphone mobile voting is a possible addition to the internet voting pilot programs that states, such as Utah, have had for past 24 years for overseas and military voters. The most serious problem with internet voting is security. You know the whole thing about the “machines are not connected to the internet”. I covered the internet pilot programs in a previous post UTAH LEGISLATION FOR INTERNET VOTING: Do You Really Need It? West Virginia, Colorado, Utah, and Washington were among the first states to pilot Voatz mobile voting for local elections.

2018 Voatz app stats

Voatz Mobile Voting Program Partnerships

To accomplish this Voatz partnered with Tusk Philanthropies, National Cybersecurity Center, and Take Back Action Fund to promote and fund the mobile pilot programs.

Who are the people in these non-profits? Where is the money coming from for these programs? Are George Soros and others influencing how the votes are counted?

Who counts the votes is an important issue in elections. Venezuela is the most recent example of why this is so critical. Associations with far-left and globalist NGOs and non-profits are a red flag that a centralized system, such as a communist state, is on the horizon.

Who are Tusk Philanthropies?

Tusk Philanthropies 501(c)(3) focuses on two things:  mobile voting and world hunger.  It is a part of Tusk Holdings which includes Tusk Strategies, Tusk Venture Fund, Tusk/Montgomery Philanthropies, and other entities.  Tusk Strategies received over $9 million in funding from the Rockefeller Foundation 501(c)(3)-PF, which is known for collaborating with globalists and the UN to shape policy. The Democracy Fund, founded by Pierre Omidyar in collaboration with George Soros' Open Society, also provides funding. Tusk Mobile Voting has also collaborated with Vote at Home 501(c)(4), which receives funding from the Democracy Fund.

Tusk Holdings has joined a network of far-left, globalist non-profits and NGOs that spend money and launch programs, initiatives, and campaigns to influence how we cast our votes, how your vote is counted, and how your vote is audited.

Tusk Holdings companies are rife with far-left team members who have ties to left-wing organizations, politicians, candidates, and campaigns. This conclusion is obvious after learning about the creator, Bradley Tusk, and the top individuals Tusk chose to run his companies.

Bradly Tusk

Bradley Tusk spent much of his career as a Democrat political strategist before becoming the Founder & CEO of Tusk Holdings. His most well-known clients include Lehman BrothersChuck Schumer, Uber, and Michael Bloomberg. Tusk also has campaign experience, having been elected as the deputy governor of Illinois. All of his previous experiences have been applied to his current business activities.

Luseni Pieh

Luseni Pieh left Tusk Strategies as Managing Director after being appointed to the Biden Administration's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2021. Pieh is no stranger to the White House. Pieh began working for Obama during the 2012 Presidential Campaign, and later worked as a Director of Cabinet Affairs and in the EPA during the Obama Administration.

Sheila Nix

Sheila Nix joined the Tusk Philanthropies team with the intention of "spearheading new Mobile Voting Initiative." Nix, like Tusk, is connected to Illinois politics through her time as a key member of Obama's presidential campaign. Her political background led her to Washington, D.C., where she worked as an assistant to President Obama and then as Chief of Staff to Dr. Jill Biden before joining Tusk Philanthropies to promote mobile voting. Nix joined President Biden's 2020 campaign as an advisor. Sheila Nix is the current chief of staff for the Biden Administration's Department of Education. Isn't it odd that Nix spent a few years urging jurisdictions to participate in the mobile voting initiative?

Why would a group of political activists and strategists with extensive knowledge of Democrat electoral success take the lead in promoting mobile voting across the country? Why would Tusk spend $10 million on mobile voting test projects?

Money, money, money

Is money the root of all evil? It does not take much of a deep dive into any political topic to find a web of money changing hands through NGOs and non-profits to influence the American government. This is especially true for our elections!

Are you one of the many Americans alarmed by the fact that in 2020 Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into local jurisdictions in preparation for the upcoming US elections? The Voatz mobile voting system is being funded by Tusk Philanthropies in 104 jurisdictions across 4 states using the same methodology. The success of this mobile voting pilot program relies on partnerships like the one with Voatz, and the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado.

Tusk Philanthropies funds Voatz mobile pilot programs

Who is the National Cybersecurity Center?

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper launched the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC), a public-private 501(c)3 organization in Colorado. As a public-private partnership, the majority of funding is provided by the federal government and the state of Colorado.


NCC 2016 Funding Status:
2016 NCC Funding Slide

Both Board Member Kim Crider and CEO and President Harry Raduege, Jr. are Senior Counselors to The Cohen Group. You might recall that after leaving the Trump Administration, James Mattis joined The Cohen Group as a Senior Counselor.

Who is The Cohen Group?

After serving as Secretary of Defense under President Clinton's administration, William Cohen founded The Cohen Group in 2001 and currently serves as its Chairman and CEO. In recent years, Cohen has supported Susan Collins for the Republican Senate nomination and Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. Cohen served as a Republican representative and senator for the state of Maine, which may surprise you. Cohen appears to be a proponent of the far-left agenda .   Do you need additional evidence? Issue One includes support from William Cohen.

Who is Issue One?

Alongside their campaign Count Every VoteIssue One, a 501(C)3, focuses on elections with the National Council of Election Integrity. One goal of the 2020 founding of the National Council on Election Integrity is to ensure that the Jan. 6th is investigated and convicted. Check out these excerpts from Issue One's election agenda:

Issue One Goals

One favorite part of the agenda is the exact opposite of what this organization practices.

Democracy Alliance is against dark money

Tell me that this group is not promoting a far-left agenda after you have a look at the board of directors. Naturally, you can always trace the funds back to the Democracy Alliance 501(c)3 nonprofit that funded Issue One.

Who is Democracy Alliance? 

George Soros, a globalist, founded Democracy Alliance, which works with prospective contributors to funnel money to causes that will further their objectives. Finding the donations made by Democracy Alliance can be difficult because it is a secret network of donors.

Soros and Democracy Alliance

Who is Take Back Action Fund (TBAF)?

Take Back Action Fund (TBAF), or the name filed for tax purposes Take Back Our Republic Action Fund is Take Back Our Republic's sister organization. In July 2020, Take Back Action Fund partnered with Voatz. According to reports, this is a national conservative non-profit. Is it really? The majority of its funding comes from far-left, globalist organizations, including over $2 million from Democracy Fund, $200,000 from Rockefeller Brothers Fund, $150,000 from Carnegie Corporation, $200,000 from Arnold Venture, and an unknown amount from the Thornburg Foundation.

Democracy Fund

While Democracy Fund claims to be nonpartisan, the founder, Pierre Omidyar and his other NGOs have a solid history of funding left and far-left organizations. In fact, Omidyar partnered with the Open Society, a George Soros organization.

Tracking the partners and donations creates an election influence web. Over $6 million for Zuckerberg's Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR)Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), and Center for Civic Design; $2.5 million for Democracy Works; $1.5 million to the League of Women Voters; $1 million to the National Conference of State Legislatures; and $750,000 to FairVote are among the Democracy Fund grantees.

Democracy Fund has its fingers in every aspect to influence America’s elections with funding for legislation, policies, initiatives, voter registration drives, voting methods, voting equipment, candidates, and news outlets.  But wait that is just the tip of the iceberg, Omidyar has several other NGOs that use money to influence elections, just like Democracy Fund. Does this seem like a conflict of interest to fund programs that will benefit your partners and grantee organizations?

How does this effect me?

The people should have influence in how our elected officials conduct elections. Is this what's going on? Or are non-profits drowning out or replacing people's voices? Money equates to power and influence.

If you live in Utah, you've probably noticed a push for alternative voting systems. It is NOT the people of Utah who are asking for this—it is the non-profits. These non-profits, as you've read, have connections to the far-left and globalists, who use money to further their political objectives. Is that your goal for Utah?

Ask yourself. Were the people of Utah County (Utah) and Daggett County (Utah) given the opportunity to voice their opinions on bringing the Voatz mobile voting program to their county? Were townhalls scheduled throughout the county to discuss adding the mobile voting pilot program? Or was it done quietly and voted on by the county commission? Would the mobile voting pilot program have been approved if it was coming from tax funds instead of funded by a non-profit?

There is more to this story than just how it began. It is critical to understand who the investors, partners, and money behind voting programs are. After all, its about who counts the votes!

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