Statewide Ballot Challenge Initiative



On Friday, July 29, Election Integrity Force launched its first ever statewide ballot challenge initiative. Our team analyzed a recent August primary Absentee Ballot Daily report against National Change of Address data, our inactive voter file and completed a review of the absentee voter records for incompleteness or inaccuracies.

The resulting list included more than 22000 absentee ballot challenges across all 83 counties and impacted 924 of our more than 1500 jurisdictions.

We are hopeful that this ballot challenge will shed light on some of the issues and inaccuracies seen in the Michigan Qualified Voter File and compel clerks, the legislature and other government leaders to address, what we believe, are more than 1.5 million inappropriate voter registrations in Michigan.

Initial feedback from clerks began within hours of the challenge lists being distributed has been positive. We look forward to more feedback in the days to come.

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