Russia-Ukraine War - Time to De-escalate

Russia-Ukraine War - Time to De-escalate

Here’s a question. What are we doing? When Russia did its initial invasion of Ukraine, the United States provided support. After all, the largely unprovoked invasion by Putin is obscene and devastating to the Ukrainian people. However, the situation is escalating. The United States has gone from giving supplies to assisting the sinking of a Russian Flagship!

Intentional or not, the leaking and reporting of this are dangerous! We have Democrats saying we are effectively at war with Russia and want to win. What?! But why are we pushing for direct conflict with Russia? Furthermore, are we pushing Russia into a nuclear conflict that will most assuredly start World War III?

Where it All Began

This all started with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, the country has been a strong ally of the United States. Overall, Ukraine has been a good international partner for our country. Our country is linked to Ukraine through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  as well. However, Russia is also violating an agreement made between the United States, Ukraine, and Britain.

The United States (alongside Russia and Britain) promised to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence, and territory in exchange for the nation to get rid of 1,900 nuclear warheads in the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. However, this memorandum was violated in 2014 by Russia. Now it is happening again. Furthermore, this is a clear violation of the post-Cold War security order. 

It stands to reason that the United States would support Ukraine in its time of need. However, the situation is escalating.

Escalation in Ukraine Crisis

The United States is definitely causing Russia to escalate, alongside NATO. At the beginning of the conflict, our nation supplied them with what they needed while admonishing Russia’s actions. However, things began to change. Soon enough, the United States sent Ukraine lethal weapons and equipment for street warfare.  Our nation sent billions of dollars and Congress is working to send tens of billions more. However, our country is supplying more than just weapons. 

The United States is now giving Ukraine intelligence about Russia itself. Last week, it was reported that our country gave the Ukraine Military information that helped them target Russian Generals, killing twelve of them during the war. This only was made worse when United States intelligence was used to sink a Russian Flagship. 

Anyone with a brain should know that giving sensitive information is going to be used to kill or destroy something. Russia realizes that the United States is becoming an active participant in the war and calling them out. 

Russia is Feeling Cornered

Between the United States and NATO joining forces with Ukraine, it is easy to believe that Putin is feeling cornered and angry. Russia has actively voiced its displeasure about the situation, submitting an official complaint to the United Nations that the United States and Ukraine about chemical and biological weapons. Meanwhile, the United States ambassador screams “misinformation” saying the use of chemical/biological weapons is what Russia wants. Regardless of whether the claim is true or propaganda, it is showing how cornered Russia feels. 

Russia is claiming they are in World War III and who can blame them. NATO is gaining more allies and the United States is providing more weapons and Intel to Ukraine. Even if Russia started this stupidity, too many others are escalating it. The controversy around the Flagship sinking may have been the final straw, as they are now threatening to use nuclear weapons on other nations.  Then why are so many of our “leaders” and media pundits poking the bear!?

Let’s Help End This! 

One can only surmise that it's being used by the Democrats and Biden administration to deflect from the abhorrent missteps and inflation-driving policies they’ve implemented. Of course, there are the old guard Republicans and the military-industrial complex that are also supporting more direct intervention.  

THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING! The United States just got out of foreign conflict, now they want a new one? Well, we know that a majority of Americans don’t. Our government should be working to de-escalate this war.

The United States is suffering supply chain shortages, a failing economy, inflation, and other domestic problems. But instead of focusing on our issues, the elites want to start a war that will, without a doubt, cause these shortages to become worse! The Russia-Ukraine crisis is already affecting our nation in a negative way. Yet, our response is to exacerbate our own problems by starting a GLOBAL CONFLICT! 

The best thing that can happen is for this conflict to end before it does actually turn into World War III. It’s called de-escalation! Do it! Stop pushing for a conflict that will just end with even more suffering and death.

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