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Missouri Elections: Return to Hand Counting (Current version is 1/31/2023)

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If you printed the 12/27/2022 version, download the Supplement for the pages that changed or were added to the 1/31/2023 version

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Watch the Introductory Webinar with guests Mike Lindell, Col. Shawn Smith, Dr Doug Frank, and David and Erin Clements

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Learn more about the hand count process. We are scheduling introductory training sessions in counties around the State of Missouri. Dates/times are available on Cause of America website. (Enroll on the site, select Missouri as your state.)

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Missouri statutes provide a detailed process for hand counting of ballots in an election. This eManual provides a suggested process with forms and instructions that is provided at no cost to election authorities who opt to make the change from counting machines to hand counting.

This eManual has not been approved for official use by any Missouri government entity or elected official, as far as we know as of December 29, 2022. 

The Cause of America - Missouri team believes that the more registered voters in Missouri who learn and understand this process, who are willing to volunteer to assist clerks with hand counting during elections, and who are willing to spread the word and train others, is grassroots movement that could help to secure elections in Missouri.

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