Restoring America's Land & Health

Restoring America's Farm Land

BraveTV Health Commentary

By: Dr. Jason Dean

Sunday, April 18, 2021


There is a quiet, but dangerous battle raging over America’s farmland.

Along the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party over our country, the “Deep State” or as I prefer calling them, The Cabal is destroying our nations food supply.

Before we came to this land, it was occupied by the Native American Indians, who contrary to many people’s beliefs, were a deeply spiritual group who properly maintained the land of America, from Sea to shining Sea.

Today, not only have we lost America’s bison and cattle population, it has been replaced with Genetically Modified (GMO) corn as well as hormone and antibiotic pumped cattle.

The American population has not yet woken to the evil of Bill Gates being owning the most farmland in America. Yes, that Bill Gates. He’s not only responsible for the depopulating Covid-19 “Vaccine” but he’s also happily contributing to the destruction of America’s health through destruction “food stuff.”

Yes, Bill Gates and his happy Eugenics driven wife use the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to destroy America, almost as well as Bill and Hillary used The Clinton Foundation to destroy Haiti.

It’s time for America to wake up. I didn’t even touch on the Monsanto/Bayer issue of posioning our food crops. That’s for another article or video.

As we go through The Great Awakening, we also need to wake up to the cartel that is helping destroy our populations health.

People wonder why you and your kids are battling diabetes, heart disease, cancer, increased autism and food allergies?

Look to the “Deep State” at the top.

As they say, control the money and food and you control the people.

Making American Great Again means restoring what America was, including our food.

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