Reactions to the Freedom Convoy

Freedom Convoy

The reactions to the Freedom Convoy have been interesting. Since this protest has started, people on all sides of the political spectrum seem to have an opinion. There have been a lot of reactions to this protest for freedom. However, what are these reactions and how is it affecting the current situation?

What is the Freedom Convoy?

So, let’s talk about the Freedom Convoy! Canada introduced new COVID-19 vaccine requirements on January 15, 2022. Originally, truckers would be allowed to re-enter Canada without going through quarantine. However, the new requirement makes unvaccinated truckers be held for quarantine for re-entry. As a result, a convoy of trucks traveled across the country to Ottawa, to protest these vaccine mandates. As of the date this article was published, the protests are still going on. And there are many, many reactions to it.

Establishment Governments are Not Happy

Obviously, the biggest reaction is coming from Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, who is less than pleased. Trudeau denounced the protests at the beginning of the protests, dismissing the convoy as a “small, fringe minority.” Afterward, he continued to state that all of the protestors were nazis, racists, misogynists, and every other name in the book. Just recently, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) made an announcement for the protestors to surrender or have their trucks impounded. There are other entities throwing shade at the protests, including the mainstream media in the United States.

It is not a surprise that the United States’ establishment media is firing shots at these protestors. After all, Joe Biden is about to pull the same stunt as Trudeau. If supply chains weren’t bad enough, the Biden administration was to mandate vaccines for truckers. Have I mentioned that 70% of the trade that the United States receives from Canada is delivered by truck? Despite the threats and disapproval from Trudeau and Biden. Many people are definitely voicing their support, on the air and through actions. 

Fighting for Freedom

While the leftist liberals are trying to squash freedom, there are others that are openly showing their support for the protest. This includes truckers in the United States. Considering Trudeau and Biden are both trying to mess up the supply chain, another convoy is beginning to form in the states. This convoy is to support its sister protest and stand for freedom against the current vaccine policies. People have been covering the truckers in Canada through interviews. These interviewers include some of Frank Speech’s influencers, like Rebel Media and Stew Peter

People have been supporting the truckers on the frontlines. Tractors came to support the Freedom Convoy by literally pushing through a police barricade. In addition, people were able to generate $10 million through GoFundMe. Although that money was suspended, the website will talk with organizers about the verified charities that the money can be given to. Although it does not stop people from going to the convoy and giving them gas, water, and food so they can continue their efforts.

It is important to support freedom. So, support the Freedom Convoy in Canada and the current one forming in the United States. Get updates about news from all over the world and make your voice heard through comments here on Frank Speech: The Voice of Free Speech.

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