The Question No One is Asking About the Murder of Ashli Babbitt


Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, reveals the question no one is asking about the murder of veteran Ashli Babbitt: was the shooter actually a Capitol Hill police officer?

“You don’t know the name of the officer, you don’t know anything about the officer,” Beattie told War Room, Friday. “Contrast that to the case where there’s an officer killing an African-American. You know the name in seconds. It’s a household name.”

Even more troubling than double standards, Beattie said is the uncertainty of whether the shooter actually works for the Capitol Police.

“I don’t even know if there’s confirmation if the shooter was in fact a member of the Capitol police,” Beattie said. “I don’t know if there’s confirmation of what agency the shooter was from.”

“No confirmation, what agency did he belong to and why is that not being talked about?” he said.

Beattie said there are so many mysteries surrounding Jan. 6, including the hiding of the autopsy report of Officer Brian Sicknick, who the media tried to smear the entire MAGA movement for his death.

“There’s so many things being deliberately hidden from public view,” Beattie said. 

“You have an entire movement ginning up on the left they want to ostensibly get rid of both guns and cops,” he said. “And yet here they have  them essentially cheering the shooting of an unarmed protester whom they shied from any kind of investigation any kind of knowledge.”

The government still has not released the identity of the shooter who killed Babbitt inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, but announced he or she will not be charged.