Prophecy Says Obama is Not Going Away


Prophecy says Obama is not going away. Remember, CNN’s favorite word during Trump’s first term was “dark.” They dropped it left, right and center without explaining what did they mean by “dark.” They have had to pull out their big gun to say it about the entire Republican Party. What this tells us:

1) Biden is in trouble. He is incoherent, unpresentable, and cognitively incapable of representing Obama well enough.

2) Obama is not going away. That’s why he lives in Washington, D.C. unlike previous presidents who retire from public service & shy away from political meddling. No former president has lambasted a sitting president, his own successor, until Obama broke decorum. He is personally vested and threatened by something about “Drain the Swamp.”

3) According to a prophecy, he will be at the epicenter of a major conflict in the Middle East.

4) I reported this to you since Jan 2016, 5 years ago, before Obama left office:

5) God warned us.


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