President Trump Calls Out Newsmax for Remaining Silent About the 2020 Elections in Exclusive Interview

President Trump Calls Out Newsmax for Remaining Silent About the 2020 Elections in Exclusive Interview

In a fashion that only President Trump could pull off, in an exclusive interview with Newsmax Trump responded to the Jan. 6 committee hearing, which he calls the “Unselect Committee” while also calling out Newsmax for not reporting about the stolen 2020 election, adding “Fox don’t put it on and ,and by the way, you people don’t put it on either.You’re afraid of being sued or something. Someday you'll have to explain that.

We were all appalled whenever the Networks that we had come to trust as reliable sources for conservative factual reporting all went cold on the fraudulent 2020 elections, refusing to cover it totally. President Trump went on to note: “Nobody wants to have a country where they think the elections are rigged and stolen. So they should be going over and analyzing the numbers. The reason they don’t do it is because they can’t win If you look at 2000 Mules, if you look at the ballot stuffing, if you look at all of these different things that we have, if you look at all of the affidavits, by the thousands; you take a look at it, you can’t lose that.” (Watch Video Clip)

Showing us why President Trump is still our President, he didn’t let Newsmax off the hook as stated: “The one thing that they don’t want to talk about, when they talk about silencing, the one thing they don’t want to talk about are the election results, because they can’t win. The  judges were afraid of it, everybody’s afraid of it,” referring to Newmax, Trump also said: “Your Network is afraid of it, Fox is afraid of it. They don’t want to talk about the election results. And that’s the thing that they should be talking about because our country should feel that we have safe and secure elections.”

It appears that interviewer Rob Finnerty of Newsmax  just didn’t get it, as he tried to divert the topic to Biden’s last 18 months of destroying the American economy. But President Trump noted: “I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about it. People have to recognize what happened. Because of that, our country is a mess.” After reminding Finnerty that we were on the verge of being “energy dominant.” President Trump concluded: “All of this happened because of a bad election.”

President Trump’s words to Newsmax should remind us to never put all of our eggs in one basket when it comes to the news sources that we’ve grown to trust! 

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