“Poised to Crash”: Biden Economy Gets Yet More Bad News

“Poised to Crash”: Biden Economy Gets Yet More Bad News

Brandon continues to insist that the economy is doing great despite the ever-persistent inflation problem, constant gas price crisis, and continual inability of businesses to find enough people willing to work, particularly in low-level service jobs.

However, try as Team Biden might to paint a rosy picture of the current state of the US economy, things aren’t looking that great, as CEOs and pundits are increasingly noting, warning of a coming recession.

Recently, the former Toys “R” Us CEO sounded off on the state of the economy, warning that mass bankruptcies would be coming to so-called Main Street businesses this fall, with even some chains that haven’t properly prepared being in the danger zone of collapsing.

Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo said as much in the preamble to his show as well, albeit in a more partisan way, warning that economic winter is coming to America and highlighting the costs that come with such a recession.

Beginning, Salcedo made his stance on the state of the economy clear from the start, saying:

The Democrats’ economy, it is poised to crash. That’s the focus in tonight’s preamble. READ MORE...

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