Pence Going Against Trump!!! Huge Mistake!!!!

Pence Going Against Trump!!! Huge Mistake!!!!

A week before the Republican primary election, both erstwhile President Donald Trump and erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence made separate trips to the state of Wisconsin to campaign for their respective candidates for governor. This has created the impression that the race for Wisconsin’s governor is becoming another high-profile power struggle between Trump and Pence.

A week ago, the ex-vice president gave his support to Rebecca Kleefisch in her bid to become the Republican nominee for governor of Wisconsin. On Wednesday, he landed in the state to campaign with Kleefisch. At this point, there is no other option except to dispute his logic. It’s possible that he believes that opposing Trump would win him fans, but it’s obvious that he hasn’t been paying attention.

As Trump pushed to promote candidates who have backed his assertions that the 2020 race was stolen, this endorsement was just the third time that Pence has gone against the previous president.

Pence stated on Wednesday that Rebecca Kleefisch should be elected as the next governor of Wisconsin because “Wisconsin and America need Rebecca Kleefisch to be the next governor of the great State of Wisconsin.”

Pence also went against Trump’s wishes when it came to endorsing a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona, which has set the stage for a high-profile clash that has not yet been decided. The two previous occupants of the White House parted ways in the spring as a result of their support for opposing candidates in Georgia’s election for governor. READ MORE...

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