Pandemic Over? Then Abusive Policies Need To Go

Pandemic Over? Then Abusive Policies Need To Go

During the 60 Minutes interview, Joe Biden declared that the COVID-19 Pandemic was over. Although Biden’s statement was not a planned remark, those words escaped the president’s lips. His statement brought up a lot of questions. The most important one? When are the overtly abusive pandemic policies going to be over?!

COVID-19 Policies that Need to Go

When the pandemic started, the government was scrambling to protect the citizens. While the policies were initially just a knee-jerk reaction to a global pandemic, the Democrat-run states seized on it to gain more power. In turn, Biden and his administration continued to build on those policies. These policies ended up damaging the United States at every level. So, if the President is saying the pandemic is over, let’s go over all the horrible policies that need to be over as well. 

Vaccine Mandates

One of the biggest violations of civil liberties was mandating COVID vaccinations. During Biden’s campaign to get the nation vaccinated, his administration violated many civil rights and liberties. People have the right to object to vaccination based on medical and religious reasons. In addition, people have a right to their own autonomy and integrity when it comes to medical decisions. Although this was allowed to some extent, the group persecutions and shaming by this administration were over the top.

The Biden administration decided to pretty much ignore that basic civic lesson. It didn’t take long for the President to try to enforce mandates on government employees, the military, and the entire nation.  When the COVID-19 vaccine was being used through Emergency Use Authorization, Biden ignored statute FDCA § 564(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) that states Americans have “the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.” Biden also ignored the longstanding precedent from the federal court and FDA that protect military members from “forced administration of unapproved vaccines.” In addition to just blatantly disregarding people’s civil rights, the administration violated the Americans with Disability Act by discriminating against people with disabilities in the private and public sectors. 

As a result of these vaccine mandates, many people lost their jobs. Last year, the New York City Department of Education fired hundreds of teachers because they refused to vaccinate. Cops started leaving the police force. Military officers were discharged for refusing the order. Now that the pandemic is over, Biden needs to end all of these mandates and facilitate the rehiring of people who lost their jobs and back pay for lost wages.

Mail-In Ballots

During the 2020 election, states decided to bend election rules for ‘public health and safety.’ At the height of the pandemic, states sent out ballots so voters could mail in their votes. This policy was to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by decreasing contact. This COVID-19 policy was abused to an absurd degree, even changing the course of the election. However, the government and states defended this policy, saying it was to protect people’s right to vote. Since that election, states have been moving to legalize this form of voting for the midterms; stating that it's still unsafe to vote in person. The United Postal Service has even made a Mail-in Ballot division!

However, the pandemic is over! So, that means that the mail-in ballot policy can be discarded. After all, people are safe at the polls now. Furthermore, absentee ballots can now be cast. That means mail-in ballots no longer serve a purpose. However, there are bigger fish to fry.

Emergency Powers Act

Throughout the pandemic, the government on local and federal levels took advantage of their emergency powers. These powers are supposed to be used in exceptional circumstances. While an emergency does not allow the federal or state governments to create new powers, it gives more freedom to exploit them. Some of these actions came in the form of: 

  • School Closings
  • Shut Down Nonessential Businesses
  • Banning Public Gatherings

Unfortunately, the government and most states decided to take personal liberties with these emergency powers. Excessive lockdowns, restrict personal freedoms, and many more violations. While most states have wised up, dropping these “emergencies.” A handful of states are still clinging to that power. Even the federal government is clinging on, setting the emergency power to expire in 2023. There is no emergency! It’s time to cut off these power-hungry politicians before another medical emergency like monkeypox. Oh, too late!

Progressive Backlash

Considering how many progressives are eager to bend the knee to Biden’s antics, it was surprising to see how many progressive liberals came out of the woodwork to denounce the president. Instead of giving you long texts about these pearl-clenching progressives, we are going to give you a  list of their statements by person!

Medhi Hasan (MSNBC Host)

One of the (many) reasons they’re not wearing masks is because people like Biden keep (falsely) telling them the pandemic is over

Attica Scott (Democrat Kentucky State Representative)

    You don’t get to just declare a global pandemic over…

Dr. James Hamblin (Lecturer in Public Health Policy at Yale University)

A pandemic isn’t bootcut jeans where you look around at what people are wearing and declare it over!

The outrage goes on and on. Every progressive that has a Twitter account has something to say about the pandemic being over.  It is easy to see why these progressives are speaking out. They were playing the long con. They were cheating their way into positions of power and had the power to do whatever they want. Now, Biden abruptly says the party is over.    

Put Pandemic and Abusive Policies in the Past

Although Biden told the entire nation that the pandemic is over, he’s correct that COVID isn’t and it will be with us probably forever. Regardless, the COVID-19 pandemic is in the past and all their abusive policies should be as well. The president hasn’t rescinded the Federal Public Health Emergency surrounding COVID-19. The COVID-19 emergency declaration is set to end in mid-October this year. So, let’s see if Biden commits to his statement or not. After all, actions speak louder than words.

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