An Open Letter to the SCOTUS

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As you know the world teeters on the brink of a tyrannical "New World Order" that seeks to enslave the people of America and the world.  The November 23rd 2020 election fraud case is one of dwindling opportunities to halt this advance.  We are at war!

The following is my open plea to each Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Dear Justice  -

Not since the Civil War has America faced such dire times.  We are fighting a bloodless coup planned and implemented by an alliance of leftist Communists, right-wing globalists, and corporate fascists.  The American people are beginning to wake up.  We are not as dim-witted as those in Washington D.C. believe. 

The Supreme Court of the United States, is what many view as the last hope. As a Supreme Court Justice, you have an opportunity - no DUTY to uphold the Constitution and quite literally save this, the last bastion of liberty, freedom, and light on this planet.

The citizens of this land of have watched as those in power attack even our very basic freedoms, imprison people based on their opposing views and use their positions to nullify the votes of some eighty million Americans. 

This is what 80 million plus of my fellow American’s KNOW:

  1. That self-proclaimed Marxist organization BLM and fascist organization Antifa were unleashed and supported by radically evil people within and outside of our government to the point of the current Vice President of the United States funding the bail of dangerous felons.  We know this is a tactic to divide us in the effort to destroy America and create a Global Communist “New World Order”.
  2. The 2020 election was stolen in an act of war by the CCP, Secretaries of State, and Communists within our country.  President Trump is the current and rightful President.
  3. That the so-called January 6th “riot” was not an insurrection.  Instead, it was the Communists “American Reichstag fire” used to scape goat and silence Trump supporters and create a fear to speak out.
  4. A man-made virus with a survivability rate of 99.98% was purposely unleashed as an act of war on the world’s population.  That this virus was used to destroy the middle-class, attack the liberty and freedom of the American people, and to divide the citizens further. 

We have watched as the Supreme Court has sided with unconstitutional mandates, the unconstitutional government healthcare plan called Obamacare and other very concerning decisions.

You each have the opportunity to simply do your duty.  Doing so will forever cement your place in history.  Your choice will place you in the company of the most important freedom fighters in our history, or conversely among the most evil and murderous to have ever drawn a breath.

Only by accepting and hearing the evidence on the 2020 election being brought to you on November 23rd of this year will you ensure the continued existence of freedom and opportunity on earth.  I have often thought that all any American with power such as yours needs to do is look into the faces of their children and grandchildren to know what must be done.  Will you have today’s children live in absolute tyranny?

I close by saying that America is at a cross-roads and you are our navigator.  I know the American people will not allow this coup to succeed.  I fear that violence will erupt if the justice we know is due is once again not given.  I do not promote or condone this violence.  I just know in my heart that a people who know freedom will not easily give it up.  Your decision will likely be either the antidote or the catalyst to this very real situation.  Blood may quite literally be on your hands.

Each of you are in my prayers.  I am no right-wing nut job.  The things I have stated in this letter, this plea to each of you, are known and felt by any clear-thinking person.

Will you do your duty?


Jeff Wagner  

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