Open Letter for Grandparents, Parents and Voters


Open Letter For: Voters, Parents, Grandparents

This letter contains important information for all of you, to discuss with school board members and among other parents. Because one of the BOE statutory duties involves student and school safety you should be educated and address the dangers of these Covid 19 vaccines and transformational SEL.

Per the Federal ESSER contract that the superintendent of schools signed, and Board of Education members approved, schools were federally required through the American Rescue Plan to continue to mask children, with no valid evidence that masking stops any spread of Covid 19, and test children with EUA PCR tests that have high rates of false positives when testing healthy subjects. Schools were required to provide quarantines, thus restricting freedom of movement and contact tracing with the result of lost educational days. Schools were also required to have vaccine clinics in schools giving the appearance to parents that Covid 19 vaccines were safe and effective in children and adolescents. They are not. Attached are links to documents which report post vaccination data from Moderna, Pfizer (their own data obtained by court order) and recent autopsy reports of two child deaths due to vaccine- induced viral myocarditis from the OCME in Connecticut.

Federal ESSER funding required the BOE to introduce the curriculum of transformational social emotional learning (SEL) assessed with CASEL scoring. Use of transformational SEL sets up a social credit system of our children and will mandate social work or mental health services for low scores whether parents want this or not. Sexual education outside of health and wellness and behavioral modification techniques (SEL) do not belong in our schools. This is required in ESSER funding and listed in SEL transformational curriculum. Sexual education related to transsexualism and gender studies is inappropriate to teach in younger grades and does not belong in public education with public taxpayer dollars. Use of transformational SEL curriculum is a quiet way of introducing critical race theory and Marxist fascism to encourage sameness and conformity in children. There is a lack of research involved with transformational SEL. The research that has been completed by CASEL is a clear conflict of interest and contains confirmational bias.

I am providing you this material to educate you on the dangers of these vaccines and the constitutional illegality of the Covid 19 agenda and transformational social emotional learning.

In the Fall 2022 the DPH will possibly mandate these unsafe EUA products in children to attend school along with continued masking in CT and institute transformational SE per ESSER Federal Funding.

I have provided links to these web sites so you can review the OCME report and the legal papers from pharmaceuticals to make an informed choice for the health and safety of your children.
Autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac Findings in Two Adolescents Following the Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose - PubMed (

FDA obtained data by court order on risks of Pfizer vaccines

Link to post vaccination data-

Moderna report which has been archived to suppress data: MODERNA SPIKEVAX January 30 2022 Summary Basis For Regulatory Action SPIKEVAX : FDA : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Links to Social Emotional Learning and the relationship to CRT and behavioral conditioning.

Information gathered and provided by a Nurse Practitioner in critical care who has a Doctorate in Education and lives in Connecticut.



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