NBA Atlanta Hawks Brandon Goodwin Said: “COVID-19 Vaccine Ended My Season”

NBA Atlanta Hawks Brandon Goodwin Said: “COVID-19 Vaccine Ended My Season”

NBA player, Brandon Goodwin earned a full season contract with the Atlanta Hawks for his breakout performances in previous seasons. At 26 years old, his career as a professional athlete was budding, that is until Goodwin took the COVID-19 vaccine! Goodwin claims that the COVID-19 vaccine ended his season.

In a recent Rumble video posted by Diamond and Silk, Goodwin admitted that after taking the vaccine “I got sick and I never quite recovered from it.” “Bro, I was so tired,” he said. “I felt like I couldn’t run up and down the court. My back was hurting.” Goodwin recalled: “My back really started hurting bad,” Goodwin recalled. “Then, I’m like, ‘OK. I need to go to the doctor. That’s when I found out I had blood clots. That all within the span of a month.

Afterwards, Goodwin was convinced that the COVID-19 vaccine was responsible, adding “I was fine until then,” Goodwin said . “I was fine up until I took the vaccine, I was fine.” According to a SB Nation article, Goodwin stated “Yes, the vaccine ended my season. One thousand percent.” According to a recent article by The Gateway Pundit, “His story is being hidden by the NBA and fake news media. They would rather lie to the American public and watch a man’s life and dedication be ruined than speak out against these dangerous vaccines.”

How many more  lives must be impacted before we all take a stand against the use of a vaccine that now has more reported deaths after its use than from all the vaccines from the last 20 years combined?

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