More Crime Less Punishment Just Don’t Fit

More Crime Less Punishment Just Don’t Fit

Most people are aware that Democrat policies tend to increase crime. In 2021, people witnessed what Defunding the Police, the Zero Bail policy, and Attorney Generals that turn a blind eye can do. However, there is another issue rearing its ugly head. In the name of equity, just law enforcement is going out the window. 

In order to correct historical injustices, people are allowing justice to be swayed based on politics and the corrupted notion of equity.

Overcorrecting Historical Injustice

It would be completely disingenuous to say that Lady Justice has always been blind. Anyone who has studied United States history knows that justice was not fair for many. Before woman’s suffrage or the civil rights movements, the blindfold was more porous than a cloth facemask (we all know how well those worked). Crime and punishments were different depending on your race and sex. As time passed and laws changed and the scales of justice became more balanced.

However, in recent years, people have been trying to make up for these historical wrongs by overcorrecting. How? By basically not enforcing the law at all and ignoring justice in punishment for crimes. After all, we punish crime primarily as a deterrent, not to be cruel.

Punishment? What Punishment?

It seems like in the name of equity, cities are not enforcing the law. That was the reality in Chicago when 16-year-old Anthony Brown was arrested for aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm and the first-degree murder of 15-year-old Micheal Brown. According to court records, Anthony Brown already had two pending juvenile cases that were gun-related. During this time, he also broke out of his electronic monitoring. 

Micheal Brown should have never died. In fact, law enforcement failed to protect the young man by allowing Anthony Brown to have his freedom despite violating his monitoring and committing a violent crime. Is this equity? Was it fair and impartial to allow a dangerous repeat offender on the streets? 

What about Fatima Johnson? The mother of six was found bound, gagged, and beaten to death in her Los Angeles home. California’s dogmatic approach to equity through releasing dangerous offenders allowed Darryl Collins to use his freedom to end Johnson’s life. Collins was in jail for decades, serving time for two murders and armed robberies. Yet, he was allowed youthful offender parole because his murders happened when he was under 25-years-old. Is this what equity looks like? Because there is nothing fair and impartial about allowing a repeat murderer to get parole! 

Even without the repeat offenses, the Valdez family had to experience that firsthand. Their son, Elias Valdez, was only 15-years-old when he was murdered by another teenager (unnamed). Valdez was stabbed repeatedly with a utility tool by a member of the wrestling team over drugs. Despite the victim’s family wanting first-degree murder, the defendant pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. His punishment? Three years probation, 100 hours of community service, and mandatory therapy. A slap on the wrist was what Elias Valdez was worth in the eyes of equity as the judge who praised the defendant's bright future and stated to all that he did not believe he was a murderer; he just killed a kid. 

Democrats and Radical Agenda Over Justice

The fact that these heinous crimes took place in Democrat-run cities shows there is a pattern. Democrats enforce a radical agenda through their policies. This includes this new enforcement of “equity” in these policies. However, equity is defined as applying fair and impartial judgment to a situation. 

However, there is nothing fair and impartial with these radical policies. True equity involves justice to be served without politics and guilt of historical wrongs affecting it. Micheal Brown, Fatima Johnson, and Elias Valdez are the victims of these policies. By lessening the punishment, it allows more crime to happen. Sadly, this can lead to innocent people dying. 

It is time to stand up against this agenda. It needs to stop. At this moment and time, people need to talk to their communities, vote out of office politicians that support this misguided form of equity enforcement, and bring back true justice.

The very group the Democrats are claiming to care about and represent are the same ones that are being hurt the most. 

A recent poll featured in this recent Newsweek article from the Trafalgar Group shows that “Zero Blacks called the pandemic their top priority, but three times more Blacks and Hispanics listed crime as their top issue than did whites.” Maybe what would be fair is to listen to them.

Justice Needs to be Blind

Justice is justly represented blind, because she sees no difference in the parties concerned. She has but one scale and weight, for rich and poor, great and small - William Penn

There is a reason why Lady Justice is always blind. Just like in William Penn’s famous quote, justice should be the same for everyone. Lady Justice embodies objectivity, unable to see a person’s identity, wealth, power, race, etc. Although it has not always been blind, justice is meant to be free from subjectivity. However, subjectivity is bleeding into the justice system as people are overcorrecting a historical wrong to the point it causes more crimes. 

Looking at justice through the eyes of equity has caused more deaths. Although equity is defined by the quality of being fair and impartial, this justice is none of these things. What is fair about allowing a child with two pending juvenile cases and breaking his ankle bracelet to remain free? What is impartial about allowing repeat murder out of prison because he was “young” when he did it? Only to see him do it again.

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