Michigan Governor Voting History Corrupted - Critical Analysis of Nov 2020 MI Election: Report 2

Governor Whitmer Should Be Incensed

Election Integrity Force Finds Corruption in the Governor’s Election Records!

When our crack canvassing team uncovered the Lost/Disappeared Votes and Disappearing Voter  History of our Michigan State Legislators, as detailed in Report 1, our State Data Lead was inspired to research the voting history of Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the candidates running to replace her on November 08, 2022.

See Report 1 here:  https://frankspeech.com/article/critical-analysis-november-2020-michigan-election-report-1-sample-canvass-michigan

Report 2 in our Critical Analysis of the November 2020 Michigan Election series continues to expose an unacceptable level of incompetence and/or malfeasance that bespeaks of corruption at the deepest levels of our election processes.

This must stop ... 

Report 2 includes phone numbers of Governor Whitmer and of the many people who have thrown their hat in the ring to replace her in November of 2022 - Please call them and find out what they intend to do about nullifying the 2020 election and securing all future elections.

Our kids are "counting" on us.

Here is a link to Election Integrity Force's Report 2  in our Critical Analysis series:  https://electionintegrityforce.com/blogs/news/the-governor-of-michigans-voting-history-corrupted

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