Mesa County Bombshell Report Released: Dominion Crime Cover-Up


A technical report was delivered by Mesa County Clerk Peters to public officials in Mesa County, Colorado.


This report focused on the state and federal requirement to preserve election records, and the forensic examination found that election records were deleted by the Colorado Secretary of State-certified "trusted build" and the vendor's modification, as well as by the SecState-approved vendor-prescribed procedures, which direct County election officials to configure their voting systems in a way that ensures that election records are deleted.


Election records are not just the product of the voting system vendor software, but all the logs and records of activity and functions on the computer systems - without those files, you can't audit the systems themselves to be sure what happened and verify the accuracy and integrity of elections.


BECAUSE of the commissioner's either inability to read or contempt for their responsibility, or both, the report is now available to everybody in the world, and I encourage Americans to read it, and Colorado citizens to question their own election officials about it.


Click here to read or download the report:

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