Memorial Day Rolling Thunder Cleanses Washington DC


A Breath Of Fresh Air Floods Washington DC For Memorial Day Weekend 

Reeling from months of darkness, hate and despicable behavior by ANTIFA, BLM and others who turned Washington DC into a boarded up, crime zone and the day following what was to have been the largest, anti-Israel hate demonstration in history, the rush of motorcycle engines was a breath of fresh air to stifling Washington DC.

Now in its 34th year, Rolling Thunder brought an estimated 500,000 smiling, happy and nearly all veterans on their motorcycles to clear the air from the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Israel rally that just the previous day had taken place nearby, with Washingtonians cheering them on and happy for their presence.

From salutes to words of greeting to spontaneous outbreaks of President Trump’s rendition of “YMCA” to the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America, it refreshing to have the MAGA spirit back in Washington.

This time for the first time in history, a clear indication of a hostile regime in power, the traditionally permit for the ride to begin at the Pentagon, reflecting its founding to demand accountability for 86,177 Missing in Action servicemen who still have not been found was refused, so instead the ride began at the RFK Stadium in Northeast Washington.

“We came from Virginia” said Pete and his girlfriend, who reflecting the hostile atmosphere - not of the  people who rejoiced at their presence, but a very hostile Government - just used his first name “we come each year to show our patriotism, our love for America and most of all to remind America that 86,177 heroes have still not come home”.

Billed as a. “Demonstration/protest to bring awareness and accountability for POWs and MIA left behind”, “Rolling Thunder” began in 1987 when Vietnam Veteran Ray Manzo was troubled about the stories of those left behind and the plight of retiring veterans and organized the first ride into Washington naming it “Rolling Thunder” after the sound of thousands of motorcycles rolling into Washignton DC.

“It has just been refreshing to have the happy warriors and those who love America finally back in town brining the fresh air of love of country and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ back to Washington”, commented the Chaplain of Washington DC looking out over the assembled row after row of well mannered, positive, but smiling and laughing Rolling Thunder bikers. 

With a slightly expanded mission in addition to the MIA/POW focus, the current Rolling Thunder organization has added a deep concern for the over 6,000 veterans who commit suicide each year (Military Times).

“This year, everyone is very careful” said Tom, “as you can tell, whereas previously we were greeted by President Trump and the atmosphere was patriotic with American Flags, opening prayer, MAGA hats and a patriotic event, rivaling July 4th, this year as you can see it is low key and everyone is a little afraid following the recent events and a hostile government that for the first time in our history refused the permit for the rally to begin at the Pentagon, reflecting the critical race theory nightmare that has taken over the military following the ascendence of the current regimes. 

Remembering the post-Vietnam days that gave birth to Rolling Thunder one who remembers said “I came of age in the radical anti-Vietnam War era in the lat sixties” reflecting the words of Paul, “. . . Outdo one another in showing honor”. Romans 12:10 as on a clear Memorial Day weekend, a half million joined with the others to honor America’s war heroes on their day from the nations Capitol with support at at and and put in promo code “whl”. 


Amir George in Washington 

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