Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Continue to Tank: Here’s Why

Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Continue to Tank: Here’s Why

According to numerous poll results, independent American voters are rejecting Joe Biden’s reign of weak and radical rule. Despite Biden's campaign initiative to “build back better” and bring the country together, he has clearly made no efforts to do that. Instead, his decisions appear to be more like an agenda to “build back backwards,” as he has basically allowed his decisions to be clouded by his party’s far-left radical agenda founded on the ideology of socialism.

Even the polling outlets like Quinnipiac University, which have a fair history of not being biased, have shown that the latest polls show that Biden’s overall job approval poll has dropped down to 38 percent from highs that were previously in the mid-50s earlier. And it gets much worse among the numbers of political independents who now disapprove of Biden by a whopping 60 percent-to-32 percent margin, which is even reported among biased news platforms like CNN!

It doesn’t take much effort to see why Biden’s poll numbers have tanked. Chief among the reason are as follows:

  • Economic Issues: Congress Spending trillions of dollars, while extending the depth limit, and printing more money.
  • Immigration: Open Borders with millions of illegal immigrants crossing US borders illegally.
  • Situation in American Schools: Weaponizing the FBI against parents advocating for their school children.
  • Policies that Promote Racial Segregation: Critical Race Theory
  • Decisions Predicated Upon Weakness: Exit from Afghanistan resulting in the lost lives of Americans.
  • Mishandling of the pandemic: Draconian mandates, Ignorance of Science that could have saved lives.

All of Biden’s failures, thus far, appear to be a combination of weakness and incompetence and “we the people” are finally showing up in the polls to show our disapproval. 

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