Joe Biden, One Year

Joe Biden

The New Year has begun. Last year, the presidency was transferred from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. The transition was met with skepticism and chaos. However, now that a year has passed, people can look back on everything the new administration has done this year. A lot of statements were made. So, did the administration make good on promises in 2021? Well, it seems like the Biden administration has failed in a lot of categories. In fact, there is a whole list of problems that the administration has created. So, what did one year of the Joe Biden Administration look like?

Border Crisis

Unlike Biden, Trump did all that he said that he would do while in office. This includes creating a southern border wall to prevent illegal migration into the United States. While there was controversy about the wall, it made a significant impact on illegal immigration into the country. This includes enforcing a stay in Mexico policy that makes potential immigrants stay in Mexico while their case is being heard. This prevented the overpopulation of detention centers that would have to restrict migrants’ freedom until their case was taken.

This was a great accomplishment and solution to the border crisis. So, Biden immediately took away all these policies. Granted, it was a promise he made. However, that did not mean it was a smart idea. In fact, it was a terrible one. Without a doubt, politics had more to do with this instead of logic. With these policies gone, the border crisis devolved into the worst it has ever been. Migrants forcing their way through the borders, human traffickers were now back in business, and border states and courts demanding the policies to be reinstated. It is bad when you promise for a positive change, only for it to be worse than before. And there is a lot of information that we are not aware of.

Kabul Incident

In previous years, most administrations were loyal to their allies. For many countries, having the United States as an ally was always seen as beneficial. After all, America has the largest military in the world. When a president said they would retaliate against their enemies, it was not a question. During the Trump administration, it was made clear that anyone that attacked the United States, or their allies would be blown into oblivion.

That is why Kabul is the biggest embarrassment and disgrace to the United States as an ally and a military. Although the process to make Saudi Arabia independent was not perfect, it was one of the best ways to stabilize the country. The idea was to make them capable of holding their own elections and keep the country out of the hands of terrorist groups. Things seemed to be looking up. That was until there was news of the Taliban moving towards the capital. Although Biden continued to state that there were no problems and the media backing him, his lies were exposed when the Taliban took Kabul.

How could this happen? The United States military was there! Well, Biden ordered all the United States troops to abandon their allies in the cover of the night. This left allied nations alone during the takeover. Even worse, the many civilians and contacts were left stranded. The blowback was huge and for a good reason. The United States left their allies and citizens in a hostile territory without any attempt to fight alongside them.

COVID Mandates

Remember last year when government officials were promising that there would be no mandates. They laughed at people who feared them, stating they were conspiracy theories. One of these individuals is our current president. Biden told the entire United States in 2020 that there would not be a need for a vaccine mandate. However, that was thrown away in 2021. In fact, it seems like Biden is almost desperate to make vaccine mandates legal.

Biden initiated a nationwide vaccine mandate for companies of over 100 people. Biden even stated that those who wouldn’t get vaccinated should be fired. This led to a lot of chaos, especially with workers being adamant against this edict. Even nurses and doctors were shown refusing the proposition. It forced many workers to choose their job or their ethics. As a result, many people left their jobs leading to an increase in the labor shortage. This mandate was going to expand to all companies (basically forcing everyone to get vaccinated through losing their job). Fortunately, multiple lawsuits have put a hold on this. However, it feels like this will be a win-and-lose situation.

Joe Biden’s One Year is a Failure

There are many other things that the Biden administration has done horribly wrong this year. Supply chain shortages, dividing instead of uniting Americans, and more. Based on this year alone, Biden should be getting a hard F. Though that seems to be coming true with his approval rating getting lower and lower every day.

Even Democrats and some liberals are waking up to just how divisive, dishonest and inept this administration is. The way it is going there will be a severe reckoning with the 2022 midterm elections.


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