January 6th Committee Hearing Warps Reality

January 6th Committee Hearing Warps Reality

The January 6th Committee Hearing was aired on Primetime this month. For over a year, the “insurrection” is all the Biden Administration and Democrats talk about. Now the Committee is ready to tell the nation the truth about January 6th. So, what were the truth bombs that this “bi-partisan” committee has discovered? On Let’s Talk About It With Will Johnson, for a full hour, Will shows the highlights (well, lowlights), of the J6 hearing sham

Will Johnson was there and gives some personal insight, then delves into the theater of lies produced entirely for the purpose of influencing the midterms (good luck) and stopping President Trump from running in 2024.  So, where do we even go with this clown show? 

Warping Reality

One of the biggest things that were on full display during the hearing was the warping of reality. During the committee hearing, U.S. Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards testified about violence and the injury that she sustained in the line of duty. However, Edwards’ testimony confirms that her injury was caused by her tripping and hitting her chin on a handrail before passing out. Mind you, an injury to the face bleeds a lot and for Edwards’ this experience was traumatic. However, it distorts the reality of what happened on January 6th.

The reality is that while people were injured, it was not a bloodbath. In fact, only five people died on January 6th with only one of them being officially related to the protests. The deaths were two heart attacks, one overdose, and a stroke. All of these deaths were confirmed not to be a result of the January 6th riots. The only death that was a direct result of the January 6th riots was Ashli Babbitt an unarmed protester, who was shot by a Capitol Police Officer.

The January 6th Committee is using a little bit of truth to make their spin on reality more believable. In addition to all of this, it is very clear that people are spinning the narrative in order to fit a specific agenda. 

Obvious Agenda and Bias

There is a saying that the perception of bias is bias. If the perception of the entire situation is biased then there is bias. This is the situation with the January 6th Committee. Even if you are generous enough to give the committee the benefit of the doubt, it does not save the hearing from having obvious bias. The members were hand-selected by Nancy Pelosi, who chose specific representatives that have made it clear that they are not open to hearing any dissenting opinions. Although people argue that the inclusion of Liz Chaney and Adam Kinzinger makes it bi-partisan, both have proven to have strong negative feelings about Donald Trump. 

This is where the agenda seems to become clear. The recent arrest of Michigan governor candidate, Ryan Kelley, over charges involving January 6th, shows the true intentions involving January 6th. The committee is using the hearing and trials to disqualify potential candidates from the upcoming midterms and presidential elections. To be honest, this is impeachment trials all over again. Only this time, they are dragging regular citizens into their plot. The worse is that there are bigger issues that Americans are facing, yet this is getting all of the biased mainstream media attention. Which is the point.

These Distractions Won’t Matter

As the Biden administration and other Democrats are reframing January 6th as “one of the darkest chapters in US history,” people are facing an economic disaster. While each president tends to slightly turn the wheel of the American ship, the administration has managed to crash the entire nation into an iceberg. And we are going down Titanic-style. Inflation has hit a record high as regular Americans are struggling to support themselves. 

Although some Democrats are saying Biden is doing a great job, the United States is heading for a disastrous recession. In fact, things are going to be worse next year. Wages are not able to keep up with the inflation rate. Gas prices are soaring. However, Biden is blaming anyone but himself. The finger has been pointed at “ultra MAGA,” Putin, Ukraine, and oil company greed. Ignoring the fact that his green energy policies, regulations on oil companies, and inept administration is blocking gas and oil production at every turn. Not to mention, the formula shortage is still going on! Yet, the government has the money to waste time on a committee that nobody wanted in the first place!?

The Biden administration is a disaster and these distractions won’t help them or the Democrats running in the midterm elections. It’s doubtful it will have an impact on President Trump's 2024 candidacy if he decides to run either.  The American people have wised up and the polls show it.

January 6th Committee Hearing Warps Reality

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