An Interview with Sidney Powell


An Interview with Sidney Powell

By Dinesh D’Souza

In this eye-opening interview, attorney Sidney Powell addresses allegations that she has “backtracked” on her claims of election fraud, and makes her case for why the issue has never been properly adjudicated.  This Oped is exclusive to FRANK.  The full conversation can be seen on Episode 60 of my podcast, also uploaded to FRANK.  Title of that episode: “Democrats’ Child Abuse.” Excerpts from the interview:

On backtracking: I’m not backtracking a bit.  I firmly believe everything I said was true.  It was based on thousands of pages of affidavits, expert reports, mathematical analyses that cannot be challenged. I mean, the data does not lie. And there was in fact widespread fraud throughout this election and Donald Trump should be president right now. In fact, if the law were applied correctly, he is.

On Dominion: Everything I said about Dominion, I had a factual basis for.  Any reasonable person looking at the evidence I have seen would have to come to the same conclusion. For example, in Georgia the vote difference was only approximately 11,000 votes.  Georgia itself just admitted that 400,000 ballots can’t properly be accounted for.  They not only ran an algorithm in the machine to shave votes, which their own manual admits they can do.  So they weighed Biden votes at, say, 1.26 and they weighed Trump vote at 0.74.  So a Trump vote only counted like three quarters and a Biden vote counted one and a quarter. That ra standard across the country as best we can tell from the evidence we are collecting.  And then there was specific flipping of votes in any number of key cities and states.

On who knew about the fraud: It would take a federal criminal investigation, which should have been happening since the day after the election, to figure that out.  Because there are scads of evidence out there on it and people who know about it.  We have evidence that the algorithm itself was done in Serbia, by the Dominion people in Serbia, and then loaded into the machines.  We have evidence that the machines were connected to the internet during the entire voting process when they should not have been at all. 

On why the counting stopped on Election Day: If you recall, the counting stopped simultaneously in six states. That is because Trump voters turned out in such high numbers it broke the algorithm.  The votes were so far over for Trump that they had to stop counting and then use the fraudulent ballots and other means to backfill the vote.  And they had planned for that contingency.  That’s what the mail-in ballot scam was to help cover and we have evidence that hundreds of thousands of fake ballots were trucked to different places to be on location as needed.

On why there has been no adjudication of these claims: I just couldn’t be more disappointed in our federal judicial system and the Department of Justice itself, even in the Trump administration, for its refusal to look at these issues. The word came down from high up in the Justice Department that nothing was going to be done about any of this. They know it exists.  They have the evidence.  They have not only refused to do anything about it, they have put the kibosh on anyone else’s efforts to do anything about it.

On Trump: I don’t think he ever did control his Justice Department. I don’t think he controlled his White House. He certainly didn’t control his White House counsel. He had the power and the means and the right to do what was needed to save our republic before he left office, and he didn’t do it. I don’t know how this happened.  It’s absolutely unfathomable to me.

On the GOP: They raised hundreds of millions of dollars, and very little of it was spent doing anything at all.  The GOP was part of the swamp.  There is a massive RINO population of swamp-dwellers in the GOP. Neither the Trump campaign nor the RNC were interested in challenging the results of this election.  Everybody just wanted to pack it up and go home.  What few challenges were made were perfunctory at best, for show if nothing else, but were not meaningful or designed to win.

On digital moguls and digital censorship: It’s all part of the plan and the cover-up. Zuckerberg donated over $400 million to the voting efforts, particularly in the key cities were the fraud was the most rampant. And of course Dorsey and everybody were shutting down any sort of dissent on Twitter. I got thrown off almost immediately after the election, a day or two after they terminated the President’s account, and I knew that was coming. I knew they were going to cut the President off as soon as they possibly could, and nothing was done about that and there was plenty of authority to deal with that also.

On how Trump won in 2016: I think it was pure accident that he won in 2016. I think they ran the algorithm in 2016, thought they had calculated enough and miscalculated and didn’t have a backup plan.  But this time they had the backup plan and they executed it. And Covid was a great cover for the mail-in ballots.

On where we are now: We have witnessed the completely institutional failure of every arm of government and every law enforcement institution in this country to enforce the rule of law. It is that stunning and that heartbreaking. And too many people have just been sheep, or asleep at the switch, and allowed it to happen.

Dinesh D’Souza, who conducted the interview, is an author, filmmaker and host of the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast, available daily in audio at Apple, Spotify and Google, and in video on YouTube and Rumble.