Independence Day?

Independence Day?

This Monday, the United States celebrates 246 years of independence, but who under the age 50 understands what “independence” is?  For those of us who do understand what independence is, or is supposed to be…any of you feeling very independent right now? 

            I don’t.

            Social media censorship aside, what I feel is what the Founders warned us about 246 years ago.  They saw a day when this experiment in constitutional republicanism would be hijacked by domestic enemies, and at this time in our nation’s history how is it even deniable that this is what’s happening?  Liberals openly admit that they are working toward a “liberal world order,” designed to shake-up everything that has held this nation together for the last century. 

As a result, the United States manufactures virtually nothing. 

The United States produces little-to-none when it comes to our own energy so that liberals can say we’re “preserving the planet”; meanwhile we subsidize Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine by buying oil from Russia, so when he cuts it off, liberals have another excuse to blame for inflation rather than their own policies that closely resemble dog feces. 

As Democrats call for defunding the police, crime in Democrat-controlled cities is out of control because of George Soros and his pet project of installing prosecutors that are loyal to wokeism (anarchy) instead of the United States Constitution.

Drag queen freaks are allowed to twerk in front of your children at a public library and take their tooth fairy money, but good luck being a parent who protests the rape of your daughter to a school board who actively protects the rapist and covers up the rape itself!  That makes you a “domestic terrorist” and that graham cracker of an attorney general Merrick Garland will send in any number of law enforcement agencies to harass the living daylights out of those same parents. 

Critical race theory IS real and it teaches children to judge each other based on skin color and Garland’s son-in-law owns the company that produces such material. 

Radical gender theory IS real and it teaches children that they can be whatever gender they want, whenever they want, and that the option to make that choice permanent is available to them and there are laws in place guaranteeing that parents are never made aware of what their child is thinking until the school has already made all the “necessary arrangements.”  The same drugs we use to chemically castrate sex offenders are being given to “transchildren” and those are being called “puberty blockers.”

  The anti-president known as Joe Biden is unquestionably a compromised asset, serving at least two foreign governments:  China and Russia.  As we speak, Biden is selling us out to his Chinese and Russian masters and he has ever since he took his left hand off of that Amway catalog that he took his oath of office on…an oath that he should never have been taking in the first place due to the very real election fraud that we now know took place in 2020…an oath that he is violating every day anyway.  Xi Jinping keeps funneling money to the Biden family for their total cooperation while Putin is blackmailing Biden into allowing his war.  But Putin is Xi’s puppet, as well, and this all part of China’s “unrestricted warfare” campaign, meaning, no tactic is off the table:  Disinformation, biological warfare, extortion, destabilizing another nation to drag America into a foreign conflict- whatever the situation calls for.

Well, on Day One of Biden holding this nation hostage, his orders were to wreck the American economy.

Bidenflation is exactly that; he created it and he owns it.  When he killed the construction of Keystone for good, when he cancelled domestic drilling all over America, THAT is why you’re paying five bucks for gas!  THAT’S why you’re paying 30% more for EVERYTHING this year!  THAT’S why we’re facing the highest inflation in forty years, and it’s all by design, because we took our eyes off the ball for too long and allowed foreign enemies to infiltrate our government.  And now they have to be rooted out.  We have one more legitimate chance this November and even Democrats know by all rights they should be getting their hides handed to them on a silver platter in the fall.  Their polling shows it and their experts agree: Wokeism is NOT popular, the Democrats know this and it puts them on very thin political ice; so if they manage to pull out a squeaker at 3:30am, hours after Election Day is officially over, then you know what we have to do.  Same goes for if, say…there’s no election at all.

For all we know, the second pandemic that the Democrats are putting the finishing touches on before it’s October release will be used to suspend the election entirely.  At that point, there won’t be any choice but for the governors of level-headed states to simply send in the National Guard to arrest the entire Democrat Party apparatus:  Biden…Garland…Pelosi…Schumer…Kamala…Hillary…AOC…Cori Bush…the bald chick…and anyone else who conspires against the people of this nation to blatantly steal two elections in a row.

It is my formal recommendation that we arrest them and put them before a military tribunal under charges of treason.  With all the COVID / vaccine deaths, political prisoners, and domestic terror that the Democrats are responsible for, are they any better than Adolf Eichmann?  The answer to that question is a simple but definitive “Nope.”

So, enjoy your independence because this time next year, there may be an actual kinetic battle to win it back, and it will be because the Democrats itched for it and pushed for it.  If they steal another election, they’ll get it.

God bless you, readers…God bless FrankSpeech and Mike Lindell…and God bless America.


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