How Was Joe Biden’s Interview on 60 Minutes?

How Was Joe Biden’s Interview on 60 Minutes?

Honestly, watching anything with Joe Biden is painful. Regardless if he is addressing the nation or making a statement to the press, Biden speaking manages to irritate many Americans. That is exactly what happened when Joe Biden went on 60 Minutes to talk about his time as president. During the entire process, people get to hear Biden’s version of reality and policies. To spare you that suffering, we took a dive into this interview to give some observations and counterpoints on the Q & A between Scott Pelley and Joe Biden.

60 Minutes Interview

On September 18th, CBS News 60 Minutes did an interview with President Joe Biden. The host, Scott Pelley got to ask the president questions on some of the topics the American people have been asking over the last two years. Many people expected Pelley to play softball with Biden the entire time. After all, the majority of the press takes it easy on the oldest President in American history. Outlets are more likely to talk about Biden playing Mario Kart with his granddaughter than anything meaningful. 

However, Pelley decided to actually take off the gloves for part of the interview. Instead of skirting around major issues, the interviewer was willing to dig into the current President about his decisions. This includes hammering hard about inflation, gas prices, and foreign policy. Yet, Pelley did give Biden a handicap in regards to the topics that are really on the people’s minds. If you expected some hard-hitting questions about the border or Hunter Biden, you didn’t get any of that.

However, it is important to take a look into Joe Biden’s responses and show how departed from reality he actually is. 

Q & A Counterpoints

Economy: Stock Market and Inflation

Pelley did not pull punches in regard to the stock market and inflation. After all, Joe Biden celebrated that he “single-handedly beat inflation” as the stock market crashed by over 1200 points on live TV. This did not escape the interviewer who asked Biden directly about the state of the economy and the inflation rate. While the inflation rate is at a record high, the president claimed inflation is just “up by just an inch” when you compare it to last month. 

While Biden says “we’re going to get control of inflation,” nothing has indicated that it will happen anytime soon. The fact that inflation is at 40-year high shows that it's out of control. The cost of food, fuel, and most staples are way up and it is affecting middle and lower-income families the most. Furthermore, Biden’s policies that are supposed to “continue to grow the economy” have made the economic situation worse; putting the United States on a crash course towards a deeper recession!

The Energy Question

The President was eager to gloat about “growing new industries'' and decreasing the cost of energy. After all, gas prices are down 26%. Biden stated, “the United States is in much better shape than anyone else is relative to Russia particularly.” No, this doesn't make sense, but it is typical of how he answered a lot of questions. The president also boasted about his strategy to release a million barrels of oil a day from the Strategic Oil Reserves. However, Pelley failed to ask about the effects of doing this or the fact that China is one of the recipients. 

Sure, gas prices are down! However, that is not saying much considering gas prices hit a historical high last June. While it may control the price for the short term (midterm elections anyone?) , the Strategic Oil Reserves are supposed to “offset severe oil supply shortage.” It is not meant to be used to affect gasoline prices! In addition, the Green Energy policies that Biden has pushed are so underdeveloped that it is causing major issues across the country. 

Ukraine and China

One of the areas that Pelley was not going to avoid was the conflicts with Ukraine and China. According to Biden, Ukraine will not win until Russia is out of the country and it is recognized for its sovereignty. The president attributes Ukraine’s successes in the war to its allies. 

Pelley talked about Biden’s commitment to the war front, already sending $15 billion to the country. The interviewer asked how long will the United States continue to support Ukraine. The president’s response: “as long as it takes.” Meanwhile, Biden boldly stated that he will defend Taiwan against China, should they attack the island nation. Despite these bold claims, the Whitehouse (again) walked these comments back.

Whitehouse Walks it Back

As soon as the interview was over, the White House stated that US policy surrounding Taiwan has not changed; meaning there will be no interference with the United States government. Furthermore, Biden appears to be committing the United States to another endless war while not confronting Putin to help end it. When asked what he would say if Russia considered using tactical nuclear or chemical weapons, Biden responded, “Don’t, Don’t, Don’t.” He said the response would be consequential. This was a political, not a presidential response.

The Russian leader now says he is “not bluffing.” In our opinion, the former president would probably have said something like; “He will see a response like no one has ever seen before!” And, Putin would have believed him.

Avoiding Serious Questions

While Pelley did attack many serious issues, the host played softball in regards to Hunter Biden. During the interview, they mentioned Hunter Biden’s history with crack cocaine and federal investigations into his finances related to Ukraine. Yet, they didn’t mention the laptop and the corruption surrounding it. Instead, Biden talked about Hunter’s struggles with addictions. 

As for United States immigration and border policies, they didn’t even get brought up. Even though there are constant conflicts surrounding the border, Pelley turned a blind eye to asking about the millions of migrants entering the U.S. illegally and the threats they pose to our citizens. In addition, there was no mention of the Fentanyl crisis that is killing thousands of young adults every week.

Joe Biden 2024?

When the questioning turned to Joe Biden running in 2024, Pelley hinted that people are wary because of his age and that his approval number in polls are low. Biden didn’t answer that question of course. His handlers obviously don’t want a lame-duck president. 

One Revelation

Although the 60 Minutes interviewer did address some critical questions pointedly, the President wasn’t pressed on them. In addition, they left a lot of important issues out of the interview. Instead, it appeared as if they tried to paint Joe Biden as a patient, seasoned, and wise politician.  

In a surprise move,  Pelley asked Biden “Is the pandemic over? ” Joe Biden’s response was that "The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We're still doing a lot of work on it." If that is the case, what happens now? We’re looking forward to examining that topic next!

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