How Media Bias Led to Kabul

Afghanistan flag representing disaster in Kabul

The current situation in Afghanistan has been devastating. In a New York minute, Kabul and the entirety of their nation were taken over by the Taliban. By August 16th, the Taliban flags were draped across Kabul. The insurgency won with the U.S. Embassy trying to flee, leaving thousands of Afghani allies at the mercy of Sharia Law. But this shouldn’t have happened. In fact, it was avoidable. This was a failure of the Biden administration. Yet, some media sources were already passing the blame away from the administration. But that’s why this happened, the media bias led to the Kabul debacle.

Media Bias Protecting the Administration

Those are big words. Maybe, fighting words. But it is the truth. Even now, CNN and other outlets are talking about how Biden is not to blame or saying his competence is being challenged. This spinning of the narrative is how we got here. Thanks to the internet, information is available at the press of a button. But when the news media is going easy on the administration, people are not able to see that the Biden administration has been failing from the beginning. What has the news media been avoiding to say?

Joe Biden is "Doing 100% Fine"

Despite the divides in political parties, most people would agree that the leader of the free world should be strong and powerful, able to give reassurance on the national and global stage. The president needs to be sharp, full of stamina, and clear-headed. However, Biden is the exact opposite. In his public appearances, he looks frail, indecisive, and unsure. In addition, Biden continuously makes incoherent statements and only reads from cards. Furthermore, Biden has remarked publicly will “get in trouble” with his staff for not following scripted questions.

No honest assessment could say Joe Biden is doing "100% fine." But Americans that don’t follow politics or avoid conservative outlets, think Biden is fully capable. And that is because the media has been avoiding the truth. No, that’s too nice. They are HIDING the truth. And it shows.

No, Not Really

“But, uh, there’s, you know, there to be, you know, beginning, uh, this effort for 2021 is, uh — I think. There’s help, there’s the moving, they’re, um, you know, being there to help, ah, clear roads, rebuild main streets and so that the families can get back to their lives. That’s what FEMA does, every single day.” - Joe Biden (2021)

That is right. This is a direct quote from Biden while meeting with FEMA staffers. No alteration at all. Any president’s mental capacity would be challenged if they were speaking gibberish. In fact, they might be removed by invoking the 25th Amendment. But most people aren’t aware of these incidents. That is because you have news organizations like the Washington Post and CNN interpreting. Instead of what was said, the Washington Post told its readership that Biden said: “he will ‘insist on nothing less than readiness’ during hurricane season.”

The News Media actively ignores and defends these moments. Instead of covering the concerning mental confusion and physical decline of our president, they ask about shallow information. But the media’s coverage of Biden’s policies is even worse.

Policy Coverage by The Media

Let us go back to 2020 to see how the media spins policy coverage. During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington Post released an article on Trump’s Coronavirus Bill. It highlighted how Trump’s 2 trillion bill will cause ‘economic pain.’ However, the Washington Post sings a very different tune when it comes to Biden. After Biden released his own stimulus bill that is near 2 trillion itself, the story changes. ‘Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty in defining move of presidency.’ Same policy, but while Trump is causing pain, Biden is a revolutionary.

This is a clear example of media bias on the policy end. Despite Biden repeating Trump, there is no criticism. Instead, they celebrate this bill. In fact, they tend to highlight how great Biden’s policies are. Despite how illegal and horrible these policies are. While people have praised Biden’s eviction moratorium, the news tends to ignore the fact that the president officially declared that nobody can restrain him. Not the Supreme Court or the Constitution. For any president, that is a horrifying sentiment being established. However, the media will claim that ‘one small action made Biden a better leader than Trump.’ When in fact, this small action has set a standard where the Constitution can be ignored.

This applies to all policies that have been a failure. And this negligence has allowed these policy decisions to affect the entire world.

The Dangers of Media Bias

Because of the dedication to protecting Joe Biden, the media has become untrustworthy. For months, incidents have been occurring but continue to hide and manipulate the public from what is really going on. In fact, based on search engines like Google, the internet is falling into Cyber Sovereignty. If the American public was able to see and hear the failures and failing health of the president, then we wouldn’t be dealing with the aftermath. Instead of focusing on the inherent flaws, the news has created a ‘marshmello media.’ And this going easy policy on the Biden Administration has caused Kabul to happen. Because in past presidencies, the news media was meant to find the truth. Not create the truth.

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