High Treason? You Decide!

High Treason Cover

My Dear Patriots,

As true American Patriots we all want to restore the freedoms God has given to each of us.  We share in the ups and downs of our nation as we move through time.  At 55 years old I can say without hesitation that the state of our country today is the worst I've personally experienced.  The Democrat party simply does not exist anymore.  They've been overrun by straight out fascists.  In fact, most of our "elected officials" are members of the same party regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on.  That party is the "UNIPARTY".  The party of morally-bankrupt godless sub-humans consumed with increasing their power and wealth.

The problems we face today are the direct results of leftist attacks on the fabric and founding values of our once great nation, and the failure of the opposition to stand up to them.  EVERY issue leads back to this as the root cause.  For example, remember when there were no school shootings?  Yeah, me too.  Those were the days when family (and family values) were revered. Those were the days when men were respected for their "masculine traits" and fathers were valued (and taking responsibility for your children was expected).  Faith and the principles, actions, deeds and love it promotes was the cornerstone of our communities.  While it's not the job of a true Christian to judge, it was understood that when it came to the individuals that made up our families - these values were taught and the expectation was that they were followed.

Why am I even bringing this up under the title of High Treason, You Decide?  It's simple really.  We need to understand that all of the things we are currently experiencing are parts of a larger, planned strategy to destroy America and replace it with a China-modeled Fascist New World Order.  So, we can talk about almost any of the garbage being peddled by the fascist left and we end up not being able to escape one question.  That question is this; "If what we are experiencing is all being orchestrated by the people we elect, the bureaucrats, the media, Hollywood, and others, aren't at least some of them guilty of treason?"

I enjoy hosting The Patriot Review here on FrankSpeech.com.  Last year I released a documentary called "Freedom Waning: The War Has Already Begun."  It is admittedly amateurish using Zoom footage and some other video.  But I think the content is good.  Over the course of late 2022 and 2023 I'll be releasing the six-episode docuseries called "High Treason: You Decide."  The currently slated episodes (in order) are: "The History of Treason", "The Real Insurrection", "Covid and World Depopulation", "Border Invasion", "Miseducation" and "Constitution Chaos." Filming and script writing is already underway!

I update the progress on The Patriot Review but if you'd like to learn more, watch trailers (as they become available) or donate to the cause, please visit www.america1stproductions.com/hightreason.  I recently set up a Give, Send, Go page at www.givesendgo.com/httpsjwpackerswixsitecomhightreaso

Always fight for the truth to come to light.  The rest will follow.

God bless you all!

Jeff Wagner

*I can already hear the comments that fascism is a product of right-wing extremism.  This is easily debunked with one statement.  Since the extreme right believe in little to no government interference what so ever and fascism by definition is total government control, it must be a political philosophy of the left...a more tyrannical form of Communism.

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